How quickly things can change

Due to the dark pit that was 2017, we haven't left our house or Phoenix in 18 months. That's a really long time to be "stuck". In the grand scheme of life it's just another deep dark valley amidst the peaks, but when you're in it -- a year and a half is a fuck of a long time. 

Southern Italy can suck my balls {Italy, Part Two}

Our host was fucking weird. She was like, "I'll be down on the beach and if you can't find me there just ask around town - everyone knows me". I was like.....the fuck? Fuck you. Come and check us in, bitch. You want us to walk around town with our luggage, in a city we're unfamiliar with full of people who speak a language that we don't and fucking "ask around"?

Lying ass bitches, a dumb ass museum, and all the gravy.

The British Museum was our next stop and that was awful. It was gigantic and super hot inside on account of all the old shit that needed the proper humidity, and filled with gaggles of idiot tourists flocking to see the "greatest collection of art in the world". Maybe so, but it was not pretty inside, very poorly laid out and not engaging or accessible at all. We walked around for maybe 30 minutes and then got the fuck out of the there.