12 Tips for Creating a Spiritual Practice in Pregnancy

As a “professional” in the birth community, I have seen many women navigate the odyssey of bringing another human through them to Earth. There is a consistent difference in the women who have a spiritual practice and the women who don’t. By “spiritual practice” I don’t necessarily mean religion and going to church every Sunday, though that is what it looks like for some people and that is just fine. Your spiritual practice could be the ritual of creating and drinking your green smoothie every morning, hiking, journaling, meditating, or anything else that feeds your connection to nature and to yourself.

Women who have a spiritual practice tend to:

  • embrace labor

  • know what they want

  • ask for what they want

  • are able to stand up for themselves easily

  • surround themselves with supportive people

  • have healthy boundaries with friends & family

  • experience pregnancy, birth, and motherhood with a sense of humor

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Women who do not tend to:

  • experience labor negatively

  • become overwhelmed by their choices and options

  • tend to put decisions off to other people – their partner, their doctor, etc.

  • put other people’s needs before their own

  • do not take care of themselves

  • have unhealthy, negative people in their lives

  • experience more anxiety postpartum

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Here are some ways to help inspire YOUR spiritual practice, nurture your connection to yourself, and find what works for YOU:

  • Read “Sacred Pregnancy”, “Cunt: A Declaration of Independence”, and anything by Don Miguel RuizLouise HayIna May GaskinDavid Deida, or anyone else who speaks to you

  • Find a prenatal yoga class that feels right to you.

  • Find a moms group that is full of women you actually want to hang out with.

  • Create a birth altar – fill it with inspirational quotes, beautiful images of women and babies, your favorite essential oils, flowers, etc.

  • Keep a journal, jot things down in it whenever you get the chance.

  • Meditate, even if you think it's silly at first, and even if it's only for two minutes at a time.

  • Take a warm Epsom salt bath. Marvel at your beautiful breasts, your growing belly, and your amazing body.

  • Make sure your care provider inspires you and is deeply respectful of your birth wishes. If this is not the case – switch providers. It’s never too late.

  • Practice gratitude, especially when you experience negativity (be grateful you have laundry to fold instead of loathing folding it….I know, I know, but just fake it…..)

  • Be present while you prepare food and while you eat. Think of the nutrients you are giving to yourself and to your growing baby.

  • Learn about nutrition, the stages of growth in pregnancy, and the mechanics of labor and birth. Being in awe of the human body can be very spiritual, and learning will help eliminate your fears.

  • Get your partner and your other children involved. Make vision boards as a family, do a partner meditation before bed, watch “Food Inc.” and “Bag It” and discuss together.

What is your spiritual practice? How do you connect with your baby?

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