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  • epidurals
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  • cloth diapers
  • elimination communication
  • mothering/parenthood
  • fatherhood
  • cloth diapers
  • induction
  • cosleeping
  • and more!



West Side

  • Fletcher Chiropractic - 20783 North 83rd Avenue - 623-209-2000

  • Mary Spohn Surprise 623-815-3306

  • Jon Montoya - 623-581-1851 (chiropractic, decompression therapy, massage, cold laser, ionic foot therapy, custom orthodics, nutritional counseling)

East Side

  • Dr. Kori & Jon Sprintz - Health for Life Chiropractic - 480-610-5433 - 2665 E. Broadway in Mesa (chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage therapy)

  • Brent Timco - Common Root Herbs - 1355 S. Higley in Gilbert (chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, community acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, tui-na, cupping, gua-sha, meditation & yoga classes)

N. Phoenix/Scottsdale

  • Pam Wallach - Specializes in women’s issues - 602-942-4277 - 7th Street & Thunderbird in Phoenix

  • Dr. Patricia Johnson - Affordable Acupuncture - 480-221-9776

Central Phoenix

  • Phoenix Community Acupuncture - 602-308-9020 – Sliding scale – 7th Street & Thomas

  • The Lotus Acupuncture & Wellness Center - 7th Street & Oak

  • Dr. Rhodes – Next door to Babymoon Inn Birth Center – 219 E. Lexington – 602-264-0694

  • PIHMA (acupuncture school) 301 E. Bethany Home Road 602-274-1885

  • Sami Rank - 602-350-6506 Specializes in women’s issues (acupuncture, acuromatherapy, auricular treatment, herbal medicine, personal yoga and qi gong, cupping, moxibustion, quit smoking/addictions program, total body cleanse, placenta preparation, reiki)


  • San Tan Allergy
  • Dr. Shimamoto - 480-626-6600
  • Dr. Robert Hellmers - 480-897-6992 - Chandler


You can also use Alfalfa, Nettles, Beet Root and/or Yellow Dock, all of which you can purchase from Mountain Rose Herbs

Mother’s Life Tea is another great option. 

Trying plant based supplements in general (like the ones listed above) is recommended because of the way the body absorbs and uses the properties, as opposed to an iron supplement, which does not get absorbed very well and can cause severe constipation.

Birth Centers

Arizona Birth Centers:

Birth Stories + Videos

Blesingway Planning

With a traditional baby shower the focus is generally on gifts, silly games and unpleasant stories of birth. A Mother Blessing, or Blessingway, is a celebration for a new life. The new life being the life of the baby, and the new life the mother is transitioning into. It can be used for anyone expecting a baby, adopting a baby, or just in need of a celebration of womanhood in general. Unlike your typical baby shower, there is no commercial gift giving emphasis. Guests may be asked to bring something such as a bead to go on a piece of jewelry for the mother, a healthy meal to be frozen and eaten postpartum, etc. The guests are invited to spend time with the mother-to-be and to honor her as the goddess that she is. The tone of the Mother Blessing is much more positive.

Here are some examples of activities at a Blessingway:


Find a Lactation Consultant:

*CBC= Certified Breastfeeding Counselor

*IBCLC= International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Valley Wide

East Side

West Side

  • Rachel Flynn 602-748-7475 (student midwife)
  • Pam Degraff, CBC 602-291-5336 (birth doula, placenta encapsulation, belly cast, reiki, massage therapy, infant massage)
  • Michele Courier –
  • Amey Clark, IBCLC


Find a Breast Pump Rental

  • Lori Isenstadt, IBCLC, 623-362-2511 (In-home and on-site lactation counseling, breastfeeding classes)
  • Healthy Baby, Happy Earth 623-847-0590
  • WIC: IBCLCs and Breastpumps at no charge. See income requirements here. To find the nearest WIC clinic call: 602-542-1886. To speak to a WIC IBCLC call: 602-506-9336.
  • Most Banner hospitals in AZ rent breastpumps
  • Medela Pump Rentals - Call to find the location nearest you: 1800-TELL-YOU
  • Babies R Us - 888-222-9787

Breastfeeding Support Groups + Classes

  • La Leche League of Arizona Valley Help Line: 602-234-1956, Meetings at various locations
  • 24 Hour Hotline: 877-452-5324
  • WIC - valley wide weekly breastfeeding support groups


  • Breastfeeding & Postpartum Support Group @ Blossom Birth & Wellness Center Wednesdays at 11am
  • Breastfeeding Clinic with Amey Clark, IBCLC - Tuesdays from 10am to noon. 2701 E. Thomas Road (Kids Rising) 602-832-6389
  • Sharon Olson, IBCLC 602-973-3200 Free group Wednesdays from 10am-12pm @ Bethany Women’s Healthcare
  • Phoenix Baptist Hospital Free meetings Tuesdays 10-11am 888-669-3444
  • Banner Good Sam Free meetings 1st and 3rd Mondays 6-7:30pm 602-839-3502
  • La Leche League

East Side

West Side

  • Nursing Mothers Group - Banner Thunderbird Hospital 602-865-5955
  • Breastfeeding Clinic with Amey Clark, IBCLC - Wednesdays from 1-3pm. 6020 W. Bell Road  602-832-6389
  • Banner Del E Webb Hospital $25 per session Tuesday & Wednesday from 6-8pm, Saturdays 1-3pm 602-230-2273 – call to register
  • Abrazo Healthcare - Free meetings at various west side locations
  • Banner Estrella Free meetings Mondays from 1-2pm 602-327-8001
  • La Leche League

Nursing Bras, Clothing & Accessories                                                                   

Online Retailers

Local Spots

Milk Donation: Giving & Receiving

Tips for Low Milk Supply                                              

Breastfeeding Friendly Breast Surgeons




      • Watch sugar and carb intake
      • Eat plain, whole milk yogurt or kefir (can be ordered locally thru The Real Food Club)
      • Caprylic Acid
      • Pau d’Arco
      • Home Remedies Breastfeeding Video
      • Grapefruit Seed Extract
      • hot water and vinegar: lean over a bowl and soak breasts
      • oregano oil
      • gentian violet
      • acidophiles twice a day on empty stomach
      • probiotics daily
      • mix 1 tbsp vinegar with one cup water and gargle 3xs day
      • Rule out Hand Foot and Mouth (often misdiagnosed as thrush) with your care provider
      • 1 tsp baking soda with one cup water and wash inside of mouth with it 3xs day – make fresh every day

      Breastfeeding & Baby Loss

      Milk Donation: Giving & Receiving

      Tips to Dry Up Milk Supply

      *Keep in mind milk dries up on its own – these are suggestions for discomfort in that process.

      • A snug fitting (not too tight) sports bra to help with physical discomfort
      • Advil or Motrin
      • Ice compresses
      • 1/4tsp of sage 3xs per day for 1-3 days. Can mix in food or vegetable juice
      • Drink sage tea: 1tbsp in one cup boiling water, steep 5-10 minutes
      • Green cabbage leaves topically – chill leaves, place in bra until they wilt, make sure you break up leaves – no hard spots
      • Birth control pills containing estrogen
      • Do not pump. Hand express a tiny bit to relieve discomfort only if absolutely necessary. Breast milk is supply and demand.
      • Do not restrict water intake. This has nothing to do with milk production and will just dehydrate


      What is BodyTalk?

      • Danielle Haines - 602-373-0361 (Birth doula, postpartum doula, placenta crafter, student midwife)

      • Cristiana Cole – 480-209-7001

      Breech Babies

      Click here for articles and info on breech babies/birth

      Tips to Help Baby Turn

      Breech Friendly Care Providers



      • Diane Bajus, CNM - 480-496-2651 or 602-579-2436

      • Dr. Anne Marie Palzer, Naturopath & Midwife 602-326-7001

      • Ellen Franklin 623-531-3138

      Burn Treatment

      • Lavender Oil – to stop the burn from spreading or going deeper
      • Mustard for relief
      • Colloidal Silver – pain and healing
      • Preparation H – cover for 24 hours, no air
      • Fresh, cold aloe vera
      • St. Johns Wort Oil
      • Raw Honey


      Click here for articles and info about Cesareans/VBAC

      Cupping Technique & Cesarean Scars:

      Cupping is incredibly amazing on any scar, but so very important for c-section moms. It can be done 2 weeks after surgery and, besides the physical results, there are often interesting & important emotional releases happening with this kind of work.

      Definition of Cupping

      Cupping Providers

      VBAC Friendly Care Providers


      HOSPITAL: Obstetricians

      • Dr. Kevin Cleary 43rd Avenue & Northern 623-931-9201
      • Dr. Guzman @ MomDoc Midwives (will do VBAMCs) 
      • Dr. Plimpton - Central Phoenix – 602-241-1717
      • Dr. Sally Wareing (will do VBAMCs) 480-947-8090
      • Dr. Steven Nelson
      • Dr. Micah Harris 602-249-1377 19th Avenue & Glendale
      • True Harmony Wellness Mesa 480-539-6646
      • Dr. William A. Chavira (will do VBAMCs) 602-264-1771 3rd Street & Thomas Road
      • Dr. Gina Dado & Dr. Janice Donnelly - 480-443-4437 - Scottsdale
      • Central Phoenix OBGYN - Dr. Johnstone
      • Dr. Kathleen Schwartz 602-468-3912 or 602-494-5050
      • Dr. Julianne Castillo 480-451-8454 Scottsdale-Shea
      • iWomen's Healthcare (will do VBAMCs) east valley

      HOSPITAL: Midwives

      Childbirth Education


      • True Harmony Wellness - Mesa - 480-539-6646 (OBGYN, breastfeeding classes, naturopath, Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Facials, Waxing, Fertility Counseling, Aromatherapy, Skin Care)
      • Colleen Woodward - 480-488-8710
      • Sara Dalton - 602-284-0094 -
      • Michelle Hottya - 480-907-7954 - (birth doula)
      • Chyrlynn Knight - 520-510-6326
      • Sally Stevens - (Birth doula)
      • Leigh Steele (childbirth classes, doula trainings, herbalist)

      Fast Track

      • Amanda & Michelle’s Fast Track Childbirth Class - Call/email to register: Amanda 480-233-4404 - Michelle 818-606-5687
      • Nikki Ausdemore - 480-671-4534 - (birth doula, placenta encapsulation, traditional childbirth classes)
      • Colleen Woodward - 480-488-8710
      • Robin @ AZ Womb Service – West Valley -

      Birthing From Within

      Birthing From Within Official Website

      • Rowen Holland - 928-925-3180
      • Alejandrina Vostrejs - 480-206-1985 -


      Hypnobirthing Definition

      • Debbie Catz - 623-203-9377 or 602-674-0940 -
      • Mary Clyde - 602-266-6090
      • Amanda Wilkin - 480-383-3283
      • Sherri Gilbert - 602-615-6445 -
      • Mary Keith - 480-507-6602 or 480-703-6604 -


      Local Hypnobabies Instructors:

      • Noelia Waldo (Phoenix & east side)
      • Danielle McDonald (west side) 801-462-6952

      Bradley Method

      Bradley Method Official Website


      North Phoenix/Scottsdale

      • Dr. Stevani - Healthy Images – worth the drive from anyway! $25 cash pay! (also takes insurance)


      • Josh & Jenna Haggaard - 20th Street & Camelback - 602-631-4500
      • Becky Cleckner - 602-938-5331
      • Dr. Kevin Ross - - 24th Street & Southern - 480-720-7950

      West Side

      East Side



      Cloth Diapers

      Local Resources (Arizona)

      • Zoolikins - Old Town Scottsdale - Cloth diaper sales and Cloth Diaper 101 Class
      • GoGo Natural Chandler (Try cloth diapers for 30 days kit)
      • Phoenix Cloth Diaper Group (ask questions, share, sell, trade cloth diapers. Monthly meetups in different areas of the valley and at different times)


      Kid Friendly Hang Outs

      Arizona Facebook Groups/Moms Groups

      Dads Groups/Classes/Resources




      Cranial Sacral

      • Jodi Johnson - - 602-400-0860 (Works on infants)
      • Pam Degraff - (birth doula, placenta encapsulation, reiki, massage, belly casting, breastfeeding counselor, works on infants)
      • Ed Sheridan - 602-404-1908 (works on infants)
      • David Shoup & Catherine Worden - 623-537-6280
      • DJ Cross - 602-284-5796 (rolfer)


      The providers listed here have been recommended by natural minded families. In general, the providers listed are for the whole family.


      East Valley

      West Valley


      Doulas {Birth & Postpartum}

      Click here for articles and info about doulas

      Find a Doula:

      Nation/World Wide

      Arizona Birth DoulasNikki Ausdemore - (placenta encapsulation)

      Postpartum Doulas

      • Forrest Burke - Will do overnights
      • Victoria Calleja - 623-234-4767 - - NW Valley (Bradley Instructor, birth doula)
      • Heather Joy Magdelano – 602-300-5136
      • Darcy Newlin - 602-402-0855
      • Rochelle Norman - 602-824-8178,
      • Jacqueline Norris
      • Sally Stevens - (Phoenix ICAN Leader, birth doula)

      Family Practitioners

      Please also see: Naturopathic doctors

      Please note that the providers listed below have been recommended by local families and are believed to have, in general, a more natural minded approach to health.


      • Dr. Cohen @ Healthy Outlook Family Medicine ~ Central & Thomas Road ~ 602-230-0777
      • Dr. Handeguand 602-249-3380
      • Dr. Joseph Raynak - 602-547-8184

      East Valley

      • Dr. Wolfe & Dr. FIshbeck ~ 480-706-4100 ~ Chandler
      • Dr. Pearl Browne ~ Mesa ~ 480-726-0808
      • Dr. David Bruce
      • Dr. Traci Page ~ Ahwatukee ~ 480-961-5956
      • Jensen Family Medicine
      • Dr. Nandini Raman ~ Chandler ~ 480-855-8700

      West Valley

      • Dr. Kent Johnson ~ Goodyear ~ 623-535-5599

      Farmer's Markets

      Food Articles

      Food Videos & Documentaries


      Hair Care

      Have a Fussy Baby?

      Healing + Recovery After Birth


      • prune juice – 2 ounces to start
      • watermelon
      • glycerin suppositories
      • increase fiber
      • make sure to increase water too
      • fruit with lots of water
      • extra magnesium (oxylate, citrate, etc.)
      • epsom salt baths
      • vitamin c
      • steel cut oats
      • be careful if taking any stool softeners – they can drop milk supply
      • Check prenatal vitamin. Too much iron can cause constipation. Choose food based prenatal. New Chapter and Rainbow light are great and have probiotics built in so good on tummy
      • probiotics
      • apple or applesauce daily
      • walking
      • blackstrap molasses
      • fish oil


      • Plenty of water
      • fiber
      • papya based digestive enzyme
      • probiotics
      • fennel, mint or raspberry leaf tea


      • Homeopathic Arnica
      • Warm showers & heating pads
      • Self massage – rub your uterus. A lot of small contraction are better than several big ones.
      • Cramp Bark Tincture 
      • Mother’s Life Tea
      • Chakra 4 Herb’s Joyful Mother Tea - call to order - 602-283-1210


      • Make a poultice with grated potato. Relieves pain and shrinks them – work quickly.
      • Nettles, Parsley, Oatstraw – eaten raw or made into a tea.
      • Baking soda for itching
      • Increase daily intake of vitamin E to reduce and eliminate

      Postpartum Depression


      • Anything with peppermint in it – candies, tea, etc.
      • Papaya Enzymes
      • Heartburn Tea
      • Diane Bajus’ (local AZ midwife) Tranquil Tummy Tea 480-496-2651 or 602-579-2436
      • Lemon water or strong lemonade
      • Dr Jenny’s (local AZ chiropractor) Trick

      Henna Artists


      Local Resources (Arizona)

      High Risk Pregnancy Providers

      Home Birth

      Click here for articles and info about home birth

      Find a Midwife in Arizona:



      • Connie Garcia - Canyon Midwifery – 602-824-3660 (will do VBACs)
      • Diane Bajus - 480-496-2651 or 602-579-2436



      • Darci Richardson - 520-378-0668


      • Stephanie Fritz - 520-660-0738





      • True Harmony Wellness ~ Mesa (OBGYN, breastfeeding classes, Massage, naturopath, yoga, Reiki, Facials, Waxing, Fertility Counseling, Aromatherapy, Skin Care)
      • Les Langlois ~ 602-574-4023
      • Sherri Gilbert ~ 602-615-6445 ~
      • Jennifer MacFarland ~ 480-217-8597
      • Amanda Vermillion ~ 480-383-3283
      • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
      • Jennifer Hoeprich - 480.239.2912


      • Meditation
      • Melatonin
      • Coffea Cruda
      • Mama Calm
      • Bach’s Rescue Sleep
      • Calms Forte
      • Start and stick to a bedtime routine for yourself
      • Avoid stimulating activities at night (TV, phone calls, loud music, etc.)
      • Get out of the house during the day, get some fresh air and sun light.
      • Have quiet time during the day so you don’t feel like the only time you an get it is at night.
      • Get a chiropractic adjustment
      • Have your hormone levels checked
      • Rule out postpartum depression
      • Drink some chamomile tea before bed
      • Try vetiver essential oil in a diffuser next to your bed
      • Take a hot back with epsom salts and lavender oil
      • Have your thyroid checked
      • Acupuncture
      • Diet changes (eliminating sugar, caffeine, chocolate, etc.)

      Massage Therapists

      • True Harmony Wellness - Mesa - 480-539-6646 (OBGYN, breastfeeding classes, naturopath, Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Facials, Waxing, Fertility Counseling, Aromatherapy, Skin Care)
      • Kate Burns - 480-227-2405
      • Nurtured Mama
      • Stephanie Nault - 586-933-3782 -
      • Ashley Chiropractic - 480-259-0064 - Mesa & Queen Creek (chiropractic care, myofascial release, nutrition response testing)
      • Sara Trask - Desert Sage Herbs - 602-625-0053
      • Gila Shire - (birth doula, yoga, cupping)
      • Amy Hatch (reflexology, energy healing, hot stone massage, myopractic)
      • Emy Porter - - 20th Street & Camelback
      • Pam Degraff - 602-291-5336 63rd Ave. & Bell Road or in home for a travel fee (birth doula, placenta encapsulation, belly cast, reiki, breastfeeding counselor)
      • Desert Song Yoga & Massage Center
      • Dr. Kori & Jon Sprintz - Health for Life Chiropractic
      • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (student clinic with low cost massage, frequently offered free massages for prenatal massage student clinic)
      • Sutra Midtown Yoga 




      • Connie Garcia - Canyon Midwifery – 602-824-3660 (will do VBACs)
      • Diane Bajus - 480-496-2651 or 602-579-2436



      • Darci Richardson - 520-378-0668


      • Stephanie Fritz - 520-660-0738





      Morning Sickness

      • Find ways to reduce stress
      • Drink plenty of water, as dehydration can cause nausea
      • Drops & rises in blood sugar can cause nausea – have a bite to eat before you get out of bed in the morning and eat high protein meals or snacks every couple of hours
      • East just before bed to help with nausea in the morning
      • Suck on Preggy Pops
      • Try Morning Sickness Magic
      • Drink Boost or Ensure if you can’t keep anything down
      • Drink fresh peach leaf tea
      • Chew gum to distract you from feeling nauseous
      • Take 50mg of B12 twice a day
      • Try ginger power in capsules, ginger in raw form, Sprouts brand ginger snaps, Reprivex, or ginger chews
      • Smell lemon or peppermint essential oils – make sure they’re good grade. You can try putting a few drops of oil on a cotton ball and putting it in your bra so the scent is constant.
      • Sip anise or fennel seed or peppermint tea
      • Try wearing Sea Bands
      • Get an Acupuncture treatment
      • Your Prenatal Vitamin could be the cause – try switching brands
      • Sip water with food grade tangerine oil in it
      • Don’t guzzle down liquids
      • Warm baths with epsom salts to help stay hydrated
      • Eat a lemon when you feel nauseous….or lemon drops, lemon in water, lemonade, etc.
      • Most oils, teas, supplements, etc. can be found through one of the vendors listed on our Herbs page.


      Phoenix Twin Friendly Providers

      • Dr. William A. Chavira 602-264-1771 3rd Street & Thomas Road
      • Dr. Mills 480-969-5999
      • Dr. John Holmes - 480-461-0082 - East valley
      • iWomen's Healthcare


      Click here for articles & info on miscarriage and loss

      • Shauna Bowman - Runs a group for families who have suffered the loss of a child 623-718-0543
      • Marilyn Keifer Andrews, Counselor 602-230-7113
      • Sherry Tackett - Mind Body Spirit Center
      • MISS Foundation 

      Naturopathic Doctors

      North Phoenix/Scottsdale

      East Valley

      West Valley


      *Please note: If you desire a normal, natural birthing experience - hire a midwife. It's as simple as that. If you have a legitimate medical reason that you need to be in the hospital while you give birth, please look into hiring a CNM (Certified Nurse Midwifer = a midwife that can practice in the hospital). CNM's always have a back-up OB, which gives CNMs the ability to work with the majority of pregnant women, even if they are in high risk situations. 

      The articles listed below are very important to read, particularly the interview questions.

      Lastly, should a midwife not be an option, the providers listed below have been recommended by local families and are believed to be, in general, supportive of a more natural birthing experience, as much as they can be while still being trained surgeons working in a medical environment. 


      Please see above: Naturopathic Doctors & Family Practitioner

      *Please note that all pediatricians listed below were recommended by other natural minded families. Generally most practitioners listed are supportive of non-vaccinating/delayed vaccinating, exclusive/extended breastfeeding, no circumcision, etc.



      • Dr. Acevedo - SW Valley - 602-288-9719 or 623-386-3454
      • Dr. Jospeh Raynak - 602-547-8184 – 59th Avenue & The 101



      Preterm Labor - Natural Remedies

      • Cramp bark tincture
      • Black Haw tea
      • False Unicorn tincture
      • 3 quarts of hydration drink per day
      • sea salt baths (3c sea salt per) several times a week
      • Powdered magnesium drink every night
      • Up your caloric intake
      • Discontinue use of body, mouth, cleaning, laundry and hair products (unless 100% natural, organic and non-toxic)

      Psychologists & Counselors

      • Hill Child Counseling
      • Hazel Tate, Counselor, R.N., N.P. - Knowledgeable about women’s bodies, breastfeeding friendly 602-749-1171
      • Dr. Becky Simonelic - Licensed Clinical Psychologist
      • Marilyn Keifer Andrews, Counselor, Midwife – specializes in postpartum support 602-230-7113
      • Magellan - Referrals to low cost/no cost providers - 800-564-5465
      • Mission of Mercy - Low-cost Mobile Clinic on various days throughout the valley - 602-486-7798
      • Banner Good Sam Psych Residency Program - Typically a wait list, but free program. Once you’re “in” you have ongoing support. Call 602-239-4796. If no answer, call the Banner helpline @ 602-254-4357 and refer to the psych program.
      • Desert Vista Hospital Psych Residency Program - 480-344-2100 $40 initial visit, $10 visits thereafter.
      • Arizona State University Psychology Center - free counseling - 480-965-6146
      • Univesity of Arizona Psychology Center - free counseling - 480-557-2217
      • Fresh Start Women’s Foundation
      • Scottsdale Bible Church - Low cost counseling
      • Dr. Nicki Brodsky-Jones 480-776-3392
      • Parentworx: Parenting & Teaching Prescriptions for Results
      • Dr. Joyce Mills - Scottsdale

      Raw Milk

      Recommended Reading

      Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in our lending library

      Books for Siblings

      Resources for Doulas

      Networking - The best advice we could give to a new birth professional (or a seasoned professional who is just new to this area) is to get in with the community both in person and online.

      Below are some avenues to do that!

      Make personal connections with other doulas, childbirth educators, prenatal massage therapists, yoga teachers, etc. so that they think of you when providing references to their pregnant clients. Also ask if they'd like some of your business cards, and ask to be added to their resource list if they have one. I can't stress how important it is to make and keep personal connections. As a birth professional myself, I find that I only recommend people/providers who are fresh in my mind. 

      See the "community" section above for other good local and national facebook groups, facebook pages, and blogs that will keep you up to speed on birth and parenting issues in general, as well as stay an active part of the community. 

      Doula Bag Supplies

      • Rice sock
      • Essential oils
      • Massage oils
      • Hair ties
      • Warm socks
      • Chap stick
      • Lotion
      • Hard candies
      • Energy bars
      • Frozen water bottles
      • Tennis Balls
      • Rolling Pin
      • Change of clothes
      • Toothbrush/deodorant
      • Bathing suit

      We also have a pinterest board with other resources for doulas




      Birth Tub Rentals/Sales

      Women's Health

      Also see "birth centers" and "midwives" above

      State Assistance