Web Design FAQ


Q: Is the cost of my domain included in your fee? Are there other monthly/annual fees should I plan for?

A: The cost of your domain is not included in my fee. Domain fees (approx $20 per year), email hosting fees (approx $60 per year), and website hosting fees ($100-$300 per year) are paid directly to the service providers.

If you choose to utilize any of kind of automation, there are fees associated with that as well: scheduling automation is around $15 per month, payment automation is generally 2.9% per transaction, and email automation is monthly based on the number of subscribers.

All accounts will be setup in your name and you will own them. I will do all of the initial setup for you and all you will have to do is stay up to date with payment — renewing them either monthly or yearly.


How long does a typical web design project take?

There are 3 main factors that determine the length of a project:

  1. Number one by a long shot is how long it takes the client to get back to me. If a client is generally available and good with communicating, the project will go much quicker. This is by far what causes the biggest delay to the whole process.

  2. The size of the project: how many pages need to be built, how much automation needs to be setup, how many products are for sale, etc. 

  3. How much content needs to be sourced. For example, if you have a bunch of copy and photos already it will go a lot quicker than if we need to source everything from scratch. 

Can I update my own website? Or is that something you do?

I will provide you with enough basic training to be able to update and maintain your own website and any other outside integrations or automation systems.

However, you are welcome to hire me if you’d prefer. I do updates, website edits and additions, etc. at my hourly rate of $35.

How do payments work?

After you fill out your custom quote form, the price that I quote you is an all-inclusive flat rate. Payment is normally made up front, in full via Venmo. You will receive a basic client agreement, as well as a receipt.

Do I own my website and its contents?

Yes. Once your site is complete, I will transfer ownership to you and you will own the site and all of the photos, visual content, and words contained within the site. You of course own your domain, your email address and any other services we utilize as they will all be setup in your name.

Do I have to be local?

No. In fact -- most clients are not. All communication is done virtually either via email, phone, or video chats. 

How tech savvy do I need to be to go thru this process?

Not very. I will teach you everything you need to know. And for the most part -- I am building everything for you so all you'll have to do going forward are small updates and edits. And with automations or outside integrations -- I will do the initial setup of everything and you'll just do very simple maintenance. 

Do I need any special equipment?

At minimum, you need a phone, an internet connection, and a computer (a tablet or iPad will not suffice). 

Can I use my own photos?

Sometimes. Photos can be difficult though because they have to be high resolution and the right orientation to properly render on the desktop version of your site as well as the mobile version of your site. And of course, they would have to be photos that you owned - we can't use other people's photos without permission. 

Can I use music on my website?

Typically not, unless it's your own music. Most musical tracks are copyrighted and either not available for use, or cost money to use. 

How much input do I have with the design process?

It’s up to you.

To start, we'll have our consultation where I'll review the info on your custom quote form and any of the websites that you listed as inspiration. We'll talk out a basic design concept and I'll get a feel for your style and your most important needs. 

To start, I will build a "skeleton site" for you to either approve and reject, and we will sketch out the big picture site design from there. Once we have a skeleton design you like, I will build the full site from there. Once it's built, we will go through it together noting anything that you want added or changed -- you will have one round of revisions. If you would like any further revisions, they will be billed at any hourly rate of $35/hour. 

What if I don't like it?

The chances of this are very low and honestly I've never had this happen. Before you hire me, you will have looked through my previous work and gotten a good idea of what my style is. If that didn't already resonate with you, then you wouldn't have contacted me in the first place. 

Aside from that, there are many check points along the way -- starting with our initial phone consult, you showing me other websites you like, reviewing the skeleton site, etc. 

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