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Reality Rehab: A Four-Month Online Course to Map Your Life of Freedom

This course is, in a nutshell, the manual for life we all wish we would have been given a long time ago. The basic fundamental life skills surrounding communication, sex, friendships, relationships, food, health and money we wish they would've taught us in school.


All the things that, when you learn them, make you exclaim:

Why didn't anyone tell me this?


Reality Rehab is here to support + inspire you to redirect your energy back into yourself and your community so you can create the life you want.  


It doesn't matter what your friends think. It doesn't matter what your mom said. It doesn't matter who is President.

We all get lost sometimes. We get frustrated. We get wrapped up in things.Yet, we all deserve happiness and we're all capable of change.



  • stop getting in your own way

  • map out a plan and quit your lame job

  • clear out your space and make room for the new

  • embrace your sexuality as a normal part of life

  • find your passion and make money doing it

  • create passive streams of income

  • communicate clearly and easily

  • simplify your life and eat healthier

  • lower your overhead and gain your freedom

  • make travel a part of your lifestyle


You're in the right place.


Most of what you believe is one dimensional, because there's just one basic way you've been taught to do things: 

  • Earn a degree


  • Find a good job


  • Get married


  • Buy a house


  • Have the babies


  • Save money


  • Work hard


  • Retire


That's it. There aren't many variables.

You're set up to live a pretty robotic life.


We get it. 

We used to be right there with you. 

We thought we had it all figured out. 


But in reality we were....

  • stuck in the mainstream hamster wheel
  • working 70 hours a week
  • drowning in our monthly overhead
  • eating breakfast at Starbucks and lunch out
  • taking multiple daily medications just to function
  • overweight, unhealthy, unhappy
  • in bad relationships, and
  • unable to see a way out


home page.jpg
  • Delicious, healthy food
  • A drama-free polyamorous relationship
  • 2-3 months of travel every year
  • Self employment and passive income
  • A world wide network of friends
  • A rich community of healers

It's not because we're lucky.

It's because we made changes.


It scared the shit out of us at first, but in the end - it didn't cost us loads of money or come about in any special way that isn't accessible to you, too. 

What it did take was a lot of time. Lots of years fumbling around, trying different things, learning it all in pieces, slowly, bit by bit. 


You don't have to do that.


That is why we have gathered all of our wisdom and resources to create this online program, Reality Rehab. 

It's a life manual.

It's your road map to a life of freedom. 

"Reality Rehab is totally what I have been looking for. There are many aspects of my life that I sort of half ass and I lacked the motivation and courage to be my 100% self. It's unreal that one's authentic true self can seem so unattainable. I am at the tip of the iceberg and Reality Rehab is motivation, it is the encouragement I needed."

-Justine Sanders


Over the course of four months, you will receive a new module every week. 


Each module contains:

  • An audio track

  • A beautifully formatted transcript

  • Thought provoking questions

  • Prompts to get you writing

  • A printable worksheet for your answers

  • Actionable steps to take

  • Resources for further learning


Here's the basics of what's covered in each module:


Module 1: Clutter

How clutter affects your health, and how to kick your crap to the curb in the name of mental clarity. 

story (1).jpg

Module 2: Stories

Identifying your triggers, retelling your stories, and clearing out your old emotional baggage. 

Module 3: Guilt

Set boundaries and stop caring what people think + the importance of nurturing friendships.

Module 4: Intimacy

Feminism | Masculine + feminine polarity | The importance of expressing feelings | Jealousy. 

Module 5: Relationships

Polyamory, monogamy, and everything in between. The history of marriage, and how not to be a codependent asshole. 

Katie Boudoir (11 of 68)bw.jpg

Module 6: Sex Ed, Part One

Overview of anatomy, masturbation, sex positivity, fetishes, period sex, pubic hair, and why the foreskin rules.


Module 7: Sex Ed, Part Two

The importance of consent, safe sex, cock rings, butt plugs, butt sex tips, birth control, and what happens if you get pregnant. 

Module 8: Health Care

Alternative vs Mainstream medicine: the best of both worlds. Energy medicine, body work and the importance of self care.

Module 9: Food is Medicine

Dairy, meat, wheat, and produce: then vs now. Does organic matter? Is sugar bad? The importance of drinking coffee and home cooking. 

Module 10: Spirituality

Meditation, yoga, rituals, music, adult coloring books, and what the fuck is a vision board? An overview of the chakras and how they affect your life.


Module 11: Community

How to find your tribe online, in your city, and all over the world. How to get over yourself and get out there. The importance of human connection.

Module 12: Eliminating Toxins

Shampoo to vaginal douches to fabric softener: how to read labels and not poison yourself, but still look dead sexy. 


Module 13: Reduce

How to reduce your impact, reuse stuff, buy in bulk, and cultivate your crafty side. 

Module 14: Money

How to set yourself up so your monthly overhead is tiny and your energy and resources are abundant. 


Module 15: Auto

Most people buy a car influenced by marketing. Here's how to buy (and own) a car like a smart, savvy person. 

Module 16: Home

Houses, apartments, mortgages, renting, roommates, Airstreams, communes. What's right for you?

Module 17: Employment

How to get to level three. The steps to generating passive income, and the myth of the 401K. 

Module 18: Travelling

Planes, trains, buses, hostels, hotels, Airbnb, Couchsurfing, learning the language, packing light, and more. 

Module 19: Take the Leap

Assessing your fears and facing them. Starting where you are, Getting the fuck on with it. 


Are you ready?  Reality Rehab is accepting new students for enrollment:


"I can directly link some of the most fantastic aspects of my life to the teachings I've received from Katie and Kris. From creative web design to what kind of car to buy next to raising chickens and of course - open, honest, grown up sex ed discussions about creating a soul shaking sex life in my love relationship. And now they've gone and put it in an e-course for all to enjoy. They are like having a swiss army knife for sculpting your life - seriously potent and deeply resourced coaches/humans. Take this course and connect with them only if you're ready to witness a dramatic and lasting shift in the life you've been living thus far. Seriously."

-Kelly Watkins


Reality Rehab is not for those looking for a quick fix. 


It is for those looking to create lasting change. 


There are no shortcuts.

You have to put in the effort.


This course isn't about doing what we tell you to do.


It's about thinking for yourself. This course isn't about living like we do. It's about giving you the basic tools needed to think for yourself and create the life you want. As a student, you will receive:

  • 19 modules
  • 18 worksheets
  • 50+ resources
  • 9+ hours of audio recordings
  • Access to the materials forever
  • A NEW LIFE. So... there's that

Reality Rehab is not for everyone, it is for people who are sick of their current path and ready to do the work to change their life forever.


Investment: $299


A little more about us....



KATIE: Once upon a time I was married, had a corporate job and lived a typical American life - watched a lot of T.V., drank a lot of alcohol, ate a lot of take-out, and had lots of surface relationships. I was unhappy, unhealthy and too busy to notice. Then bam! I had a powerful dream that prompted me quit my job, end my marriage, travel solo, get healthy, and crumble all elements of my disconnected mainstream life. 
KRIS: Five years ago I owned an I.T. company that made over a million dollars in revenue the first year. I was overweight, taking daily medications just to function, working 70+ hours a week and was drowning in my monthly overhead. Then I had to get real. I short sold my condo, walked away from my business, and got healthy. Now I spend my days doing what I want, exploring my passions, and making money while I'm at it. 


We've dabbled in personal growth for a while now: publishing e-books, writing blogs, and recording podcasts about many elements of our new and improved lifestyle. One day it became clear that we needed to really organize all the knowledge we had and the resources we'd discovered so that we could offer it to our fellow humans.

We're so glad you're here!