Episode 5: Fantasies + Fetishes (or how to have your cake and smear it all over your face)

Today we started a conversation about fantasies, and about 90 seconds in we were like "we should be recording this as a podcast right now, forget about making an outline, lets just hit record and go."  So we did, and here it is.  In the end it was a fun conversation about some flirtations we've been having recently with others, the difference between how men and women fantasize, and what does being in a polyamorous relationship add to this dynamic.  We've included a few tasty quotes below:

  • "To be clear, I've never masturbated to Amy Adams."
  • "Was it a 'lick a hole in the poster' type crush?"
  • "I don't care that you sent him your dirty socks, you're having fun and that brings me joy."
  • "Yeah, to have your cake, and smear it all over your fuckin' face." 

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