What I do:

Encourage those who are financially limited to offer alternative forms of payment equal to the value of our services

What I don’t do:

Reduce my fee or give services away for free

Having an equal energetic exchange is an important foundation to our relationship. If I give my services away, it devalues my work and that of the rest of the birth community, and it and does not empower us as professional women. If you receive services for free, you most likely will feel guilty, subconsciously playing the role of the victim, and it will not empower you as a human.

However, if you put effort into working out an alternative form of payment and I accept said exchange then we are all equally empowered and validated.

Feel free to offer what you’ve got! Here are some ideas and examples of alternative forms of payment:

  • Fresh eggs from your chickens, milk from your cows or produce from your garden
  • Frequent flyer miles or other airline gift certificates
  • Hotel vouchers, time-share weeks, etc.
  • Gift cards to restaurants or stores
  • Professional services: massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, mechanic, A/C repair, etc.
  • Physical items – were you gifted a Kitchenaid mixer you’ll never use? Have a set of golf clubs collecting dust? You get the idea.

Don't be shy, just try me. I don't bite :)