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FREE Webinar: How to Open Your Relationship Without Crashing & Burning


The comfort of your cozy home (as long as your cozy home has an internet connection....)


Because most couples go about opening their relationship the wrong way leading to hurt feelings, loads of jealousy, and unnecessary drama. 

It doesn't have to be like this! There are 3 simple questions you can ask yourselves so you know where you both stand - this is key to maintaining your bond and knowing where to start. 

We are going to:

  • Explain the most common mistakes we see when people decide to open their long-term, monogomaous relationships
  • Answer your frequently asked questions about open relationships
  • Share with you the patterns we've identified after years of coaching couples through this process
  • Give you our best advice + resources for further learning
  • Prepare you for the common feelings and emotions
  • Explain the psychology behind jealousy, the need for "rules", the labeling of "primary" & "secondary", etc. 

You and your partner will come away from this webinar knowing the key elements that need to be in place to avoid drama + how to recognize common red flags and stay connected as you chart this new territory. 

Join us on Friday at 12pm MST!