Resonant Acupuncture

Resonant Acupuncture

Chiung-I is my favorite type of client — she is freshly graduated (with a master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine!), has a blossoming new business and knew right away that she needed to invest money in a professional website.

She was easy to work with and prompt with communication, so her site came together in a matter of a few weeks. I designed a simple logo for her as well, which is what you see at the top of the photo above.

Chiung-I is also a great example of someone needing to do things economically to start out, so we did not utilize scheduling or payment automations right away, as they all come with additional monthly fees.

Instead, we created clear instructions and custom booking forms so that clients could simply book with her via e-mail in a process that appeared seamless to them.

Her website will continue to grow with her as her business grows and we will implement those automations and upgrade her work flow once her client load allows.

Click here to check out her site for yourself! I really love how her home page turned out and I particularly love the choice we made of yellow and royal blue: