Metta Yoga

Metta Yoga website redesign

This website is *almost* finished and I couldn’t resist showing it off as it’s such a gorgeous example of a redesign. It was first created by the studio’s owner using the GoDaddy website builder and integrations from their MindBody software used to allow signup for classes and workshops and to sell merchandise.

Below you will see the old home page:

And now for the new home page — we retained the MindBody integrations, but moved the site over to Squarespace and gave it a 100% face lift. You are now greeted with a beautiful image of the studio space and immediate buttons to the most important thing a customer wants when visiting a yoga site: the schedule. Additionally, the menu is easier to navigate and their logo is more prominent. Upon further scrolling, you will continue to be invited into all that Metta has to offer:

In addition to the home page, we redesigned the following pages:

  • schedule & pricing

  • workshops

  • teacher training

  • private yoga

  • body work

  • facials

  • media

  • contact

And we added pages for:

  • teacher bios

  • new students

  • aerial yoga

  • their second studio location

  • meet the team

  • class descriptions

If you’d like to delve in a bit further — check out this video taking you on a complete walk through of their old site as compared to their new site: