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It doesn't matter what your friends think. It doesn't matter what your mom said. It doesn't matter who is President. We all get lost sometimes. We get frustrated. We get wrapped up in things. Yet, we all deserve happiness and we're all capable of change.

Reality Rehab is here to support + inspire you to redirect your energy back into yourself and your community so you can create the life you want.  

This course is, in a nutshell, the manual for life we all wish we would have been given a long time ago. The basic fundamental life skills surrounding communication, sex, friendships, relationships, food, health and money we wish they would've taught us in school.

All the things that, when you learn them, make you exclaim: Why didn't anyone tell me this?


  • stop getting in your own way
  • map out a plan and quit your lame job
  • clear out your space and make room for the new
  • embrace your sexuality as a normal part of life
  • find your passion and make money doing it
  • create passive streams of income
  • communicate clearly and easily
  • simplify your life and eat healthier
  • lower your overhead and gain your freedom
  • make travel a part of your lifestyle

You're in the right place.

Most of what you believe is one dimensional, because there's just one basic way you've been taught to do things: 
  • Get a degree
  • Find a good job
  • Marry the perfect mate
  • Buy a house
  • Have the babies
  • Save money
  • Work hard
  • Retire

That's it. There aren't many variables.

You're set up to live a pretty robotic life.

Years ago, we thought we were happy and had it all figured out. But in reality we were....

  • stuck in the mainstream hamster wheel
  • working 70 hours a week
  • drowning in our monthly overhead
  • eating breakfast at Starbucks and lunch out
  • taking multiple daily medications just to function
  • overweight, unhealthy, unhappy
  • in bad relationships, and
  • unable to see a way out


  • Delicious, healthy food
  • A drama-free polyamorous relationship
  • 2-3 months of travel every year
  • Self employment and passive income
  • A world wide network of friends
  • A rich community of healers

It's not because we're lucky. It's because we made changes.

It scared the shit out of us at first, but in the end - it didn't cost us loads of money or come about in any special way that isn't accessible to you, too. 
What it did take was a lot of time. Lots of years fumbling around, trying different things, learning it all in pieces, slowly, bit by bit. You don't have to do this.

That is why we have gathered all of our wisdom and resources to create this online program, Reality Rehab. It's a life manual. It's your road map to a life of freedom. 

"Reality Rehab is totally what I have been looking for. There are many aspects of my life that I sort of half ass and I lacked the motivation and courage to be my 100% self. It's unreal that one's authentic true self can seem so unattainable. I am at the tip of the iceberg and Reality Rehab is motivation, it is the encouragement I needed."

-Justine Sanders


Here's the basics of what's covered in the program:

  • How clutter affects your health, and how to kick your crap to the curb in the name of mental clarity. 
  • Identifying your triggers, retelling your stories, and clearing out your emotional baggage. 
  • How to set boundaries, eliminate guilt, and stop caring what people think. The importance of nurturing your friendships.
  • Feminism, masculine + feminine polarity, the importance of expressing your feelings, and how to overcome jealousy. 
  • Polyamory, monogamy and everything in between. The history of marriage, and how not to be a codependent asshole. 
  • Anatomy, sex positivity, fetishes, period sex, pubic hair, and why the foreskin rules.
  • Consent, safe sex, cock rings, butt plugs, butt sex tips, birth control, and what happens if you get pregnant. 
  • Alternative vs Mainstream medicine and how to get the best of both worlds. Energy medicine, body work and the importance of self care.
  • Dairy, meat, wheat, and produce: then vs now. Does organic matter? Is sugar bad? The importance of drinking coffee and home cooking. 
  • Meditation, yoga, rituals, music, adult coloring books, and what the fuck is a vision board? An overview of the chakras and how they affect your life and relationships. 
  • How to find your tribe online, in your city, and all over the world. How to get over yourself and get out there.  
  • Shampoo to vaginal douches to fabric softener: how to read labels and not poison yourself, but still look dead sexy. 
  • How to reduce your impact, reuse stuff, and cultivate your crafty side. 
  • How to set yourself up so your monthly overhead is tiny and your energy and resources are abundant. 
  • Most people buy a car based on what color they like and what marketing they've been fed. Here's how to buy (and own) a car like a smart, savvy person. 
  • Houses, apartments, mortgages, renting, roommates, Airstreams, communes. What's right for you?
  • How to get to level three. The steps to generating passive income, and the myth of the 401K. 
  • Planes, trains, buses, hostels, hotels, Airbnb, Couchsurfing, learning the language, packing light, and more. 
  • Assessing your fears and facing them. Starting where you are, Getting the fuck on with it. 

"I can directly link some of the most fantastic aspects of my life to the teachings I've received from Katie and Kris. From creative web design to what kind of car to buy next to raising chickens and of course - open, honest, grown up sex ed discussions about creating a soul shaking sex life in my love relationship. And now they've gone and put it in an e-course for all to enjoy. They are like having a swiss army knife for sculpting your life - seriously potent and deeply resourced coaches/humans. Take this course and connect with them only if you're ready to witness a dramatic and lasting shift in the life you've been living thus far. Seriously."

-Kelly Watkins


Reality Rehab is not for those looking for a quick fix. 

It is for those looking to create lasting change. 

There are no shortcuts, you have to put in the effort.

This program is not about doing what we tell you to do. It's about thinking for yourself. This course isn't about living like we do. It's about giving you the basic tools needed to think for yourself and create the life you want. As a student, you will receive:
  • 19 modules
  • 18 worksheets
  • 50+ resources
  • 9+ hours of audio recordings
  • Access to the materials forever
  • A NEW LIFE. So... there's that

The program starts the moment you sign up, and each week a new module will follow 

Investment: $299

Use promo code "spring" to take $200 off until the end of March!


Each week you will receive a new module containing:

  • An audio track
  • A beautifully formatted transcript
  • Thought provoking questions
  • Prompts to get you writing
  • A printable worksheet for your answers
  • Actionable steps to take
  • Resources for further learning

Are you ready to jump on board?  Reality Rehab is open now. 

A little more about us....

KATIE: Once upon a time I was married, had a corporate job and lived a typical American life - watched a lot of T.V., drank a lot of alcohol, ate a lot of take-out, and had lots of surface relationships. I was unhappy, unhealthy and too busy to notice. Then bam! I had a powerful dream that prompted me quit my job, end my marriage, travel solo, get healthy, and crumble all elements of my disconnected mainstream life. 
KRIS: Five years ago I owned an I.T. company that made over a million dollars in revenue the first year. I was overweight, taking daily medications just to function, working 70+ hours a week and was drowning in my monthly overhead. Then I had to get real. I short sold my condo, walked away from my business, and got healthy. Now I spend my days doing what I want, exploring my passions, and making money while I'm at it. 
I believe that worrying about what other people think is the worst thing a person can do, and that if we all could just express what is truly in our hearts and minds then the world would be such a better place. 

We've dabbled in personal growth for a while now: publishing e-books, writing blogs, and recording podcasts about many elements of our new and improved lifestyle. One day it became clear that we needed to really organize all the knowledge we had and the resources we'd discovered so that we could offer it to our fellow humans. We're so glad you're here!

Still curious? Here's a detailed overview of the modules:

Module One: Eliminating Physical Clutter
In this module we dig deep into your connection to physical stuff and how tied self worth is to material possessions. We illuminate the relationship between physical clutter and your emotional well being. We go into fear, scarcity, and other reasons why people hoard things. You'll read example stories that apply these concepts, and be given actionable steps to identify what you need to work on and how to get out of the cycle of endless consumption.  

Module Two: What's Your Story?
What we're getting at here is how to identify your triggers - the people, things, and situations that upset you and cause you to react. We'll give you examples and steps to take to identify the root of your own triggers. We'll go into the excuses and reasons that have become a part of your own personal narrative and help you reframe your stories so they don't run your life. We'll help you see if you're stuck in grief or simply avoiding dealing with life. The Law of Attraction will be discussed, not in a new-age, frou frou way, but in a realistic way - how to own your circumstance and your part in everything that's happening whether it's positive or negative. You'll be inspired to clear out your emotional baggage, not be ruled by what people think of you, and take responsibility for yourself.

Module Three: Healthy Relationships
Self love, self esteem, and self worth are big topics here as those are all things to address before you can even begin to dream of healthy relationships with others. We'll help you draw your own unique boundaries and figure out what you need to be happy in this moment, right now. We give you several options for dealing with shitty people in a way that still serves your highest good. Addressing your obligations is something you'll be prompted to pick apart. We bust open the bullshit concept of "the beauty of commitment" and prompt you to look at the emotional responsibility you take on for other people. Being responsible for your own feelings and expectations is something you will learn how to do. Your homework will prompt you to look at the people that take up space in your life and how to nurture the goodness and let go of the rest. 

Module Four: The Foundation of Intimate Relationships
This module opens with a discussion about feminism and how it affects our modern relationships. We will bust the myth of feminism being a man vs woman battle, and school you on the heart of the battle: equality for all. We will address the sexist expectations placed on the emotional behavior of men and women. You will learn about masculine and feminine energy and be given real life examples so you can apply it to your own situation. You will learn about polarity and how understanding this concept and finding balance is the key to all of your interpersonal relationships. You'll learn how to discern between healthy and unhealthy polarity. We'll discuss examples of positive and negative feminine traits, as well as positive and negative masculine traits. We will teach you how to clearly identify and express your feelings to avoid frustrations and adult tantrums. Jealousy is another big topic - we will help you identify how jealousy is affecting and essentially running your life, and how to be able to see past this surface emotion, manage it, and ultimately heal it. 

Module Five: Sex + Intimacy
This module gets to the root of relationship dysfunction. We shed light on lots of different relationship structures from marriage to polyamory. You will learn about the history of marriage and will come away understanding why the monogamous model of being in relationship has destroyed our family structures. You will be able to recognize the cycle of distraction that ends in extreme dissatisfaction. We will bust the myth of "getting everything from one person" and help you see the areas of your life that are dictated by societal conditioning. You will be able to recognize the difference between a commitment to each other's happiness versus a commitment to your relationship. We'll discuss natural and unnatural monogamy. You will begin to see how most of us are starved for human touch and connection and how we can change that. Your homework will prompt you to learn about the history of human sexuality and to think for yourself when it comes to your intimate relationships. 

Module Six: Sex Ed, Part One
In part one we focus largely on your own body and health. We start with the penis: going over the functions of the foreskin and busting the myths around the practice of circumcision. We move on to the taint and prostate, as well as the vagina, g-spot, and clitoris. We'll school you on the beauty and power of menstruation and why it should be normalized and celebrated by men and women. Pubic hair and personal hygiene will be addressed. We talk about masturbation, and the difference between porn and reality. You'll come away understanding the importance of a sex positive culture. We'll teach you about sexuality being fluid in that we all exist on a spectrum versus the archaic gay/bi/straight labels. We'll discuss the importance of normalizing fetishes and go into the ups and downs of online dating, sexting and virtual reality. 

Module Seven: Sex Ed, Part Two
In part two we focus on all that comes with being sexually active. We'll discuss the concept of "getting turned on" and the lost art of kissing. We'll teach you about cock rings, sex toys, lubricant, and sex stores. You'll come away understanding the importance of consent in every situation. We'll discuss oral sex and teach you how to have proper anal sex. We'll go over all the different forms of birth control from surgical procedures to IUDs to pulling out. We'll go over the most common STIs, how you contract them, how to avoid them, and what to do should you contract one. Lastly, we discuss pregnancy, abortion, and birth options. 

Module Eight: Preventative Care vs Costly Repairs
This module is all about the "western medicine" vs "holistic care" debate and how to merge the two and take control of your own health. We'll teach you how to get to the root cause of your issue versus just putting a bandaid on your symptoms. You'll learn about health insurance and how to not let it dictate all of your decisions. We'll teach you about nutrition and go into all aspects of preventative care from fresh air and sunlight to getting off hormonal birth control to maintaining a flexible body, to gentle DIY detox practices you can use at home. We'll school you on energetic healing modalities from hypnotherapy to Reiki to BodyTalk, Acupuncture, and more. You'll learn about different forms of body work like massage, chiropractic and rolfing and how you can utilize them to your advantage. We'll prompt you to consciously choose your primary care provider and your homework will get you thinking about easy, simple things you can shift to feel better every day. 

Module Nine: Food is Medicine
Here we'll individually break down dairy, meat, wheat, and produce to give you an overview of how we used to grow and consume these food groups versus how we do it now. You'll learn that it's not an all or nothing approach, that you do not need to eliminate entire food groups, you simply need to understand where your food comes from, learn how to read labels, and learn how to purchase and consume these foods in a healthy way. We will give you easy steps - broken down into "first step", "next step", and "ultimate step" - that you can comfortably take at your own pace. You will learn about the difference between raw milk and pasteurized milk and the importance of consuming the whole animal when it comes to eating meat. We'll teach you about wheat berries, grain mills, flour, bread making and oxidation - you'll learn how to consume bread in a healthy way. You'll understand how to recognize fluffy marketing claims that are disguised as health tips. We will discuss if buying organic really matters and address sugar and why we need it. We'll go over healthy and unhealthy fats, oils, and nuts. You'll learn about coffee and tea and how to consume both in a healthy way. We'll address the importance of home cooking and how to make healthy choices when you eat out. You'll learn how to equip your kitchen to make preparing healthy food a breeze.

Module Ten: The Importance of a Spiritual Practice
We're not talking about getting into contorted yoga poses or sitting silently on pillows chanting Om. We're talking about practicing awareness and nurturing your connection to the Earth. This will look different for everyone so we're here to give you some ideas. You'll learn about all the different types of yoga, unique ways you can meditate, and the importance of rituals. We discuss music as a spiritual experience, how to create a simple altar space, and the perks of keeping a journal. You'll learn about the difference between practicing gratitude and "faking it", simple ways to practice being present, and techniques you can use in your every day life to be more connected. We'll school you on the chakras (otherwise known as energy centers of the body), how the chakras develop, and how that development can affect parenting, intimate relationships, and family connections (we give you real life examples so this will make more sense). You'll be prompted to look at your own chakra development and shown ways you can relate that to areas of your life that may be stunted. Your homework will prompt you to explore easy, fun ways to bring a bit of deeper meaning into your every day life. 

Module Eleven: Creating Community
This module is all about the importance of human connection and all of the different ways we can connect. You'll learn about building your online community in a meaningful way. We'll give you tips for finding your local community and how to get over yourself, get out there and make new friends as an adult. We'll give you ideas for starting conversations, trying new things and gracefully accepting rejection. You'll learn about the beauty of maintaining a global community by hosting travelers in your home (we'll address your fear based questions straight away). We'll talk about the sweetness of cultural exchange, how to attract the right people, and how to use your intuition and screening skills to hone your ability to decline or accept travelers. 

Module Twelve: How to Eliminate Toxins
This lesson opens with the history of soap and how marketing has influenced our need to keep everything sterile. You'll learn about the importance of maintaining healthy skin so your body can properly and naturally detox. Then we'll go through 15+ of the most common household items and give you healthy, easy alternatives. You'll learn how to read labels and be prompted to think for yourself and not be influenced by sales techniques. We'll address the overwhelm of all the information out there and show you how to cut through the crap, keep it simple, make little shifts, and make the best choices for yourself and your family. 

Module Thirteen: Buy Less, Reuse More
You'll learn about the complicated system of recycling, and how to best incorporate the first two R's - reducing and reusing. We'll go over 10+ of the most common disposable items you use in your home and give you simple, easy alternatives. We'll discuss the benefits of plastic as a miracle material, and how to make the best use of it. You'll learn how to be smart about bulk buying to reduce packaging use and save money. We'll show you some simple, easy DIY projects that can reduce your impact and simplify your life.

Module Fourteen: Lowering Your Overhead
If you're transitioning your life in any way, the best thing you can do for yourself is lower your overhead, which will in turn lower your stress levels and allow you more time and energy to pursue your ultimate goals. We'll give you real life examples to show you that reducing your overhead doesn't mean living in a box and eating out of a can. We'll give you step by step instructions for assessing your own spending and identifying areas you can improve. We'll talk about getting your debt under control touching specifically on credit card debt, school loans and tax issues. You'll learn about the myth of "credit" and how to live within your means and still exist comfortably. 

Module Fifteen: Transportation
Most people buy a car based on what color they like and what marketing they've been fed. We'll show you how to buy (and own) a car like a smart, savvy person. You'll learn how to consider maintenance expenses and what make and model of a car are the most inexpensive to own. We'll address buying a budget model new car versus a nicer model used car. You'll get tips for what to do if you car budget is under $5,000. We'll give you ideas for what to do if you own an expensive-to-maintain vehicle and what to do now + how to get rid of your monthly payment if you have an auto loan. And we'll give you our best resources for assessing the quality of a car, determining the value of a car, and shopping for a used car. 

Module Sixteen: Your Housing Situation
In this module we talk about owning versus renting. We give real life examples of short selling and how the attachment to where you live can hold you back. We'll prompt you to assess if you need to move and if the cost of living in your city makes sense for you. You'll learn about tiny houses, intentional communities, and work trade situations. We'll discuss renting space, having roommates, and what to do if you must stay in a house with a cost prohibitive mortgage. You'll learn to think outside the box in terms of housing and how to create a situation that benefits you. 

Module Seventeen: The Three Levels of Employment
We're going to shed light on the dangers of the 9-5 construct. You'll examine how you may have been caught up in the concept of the American Dream. We'll prompt you to assess if you're playing it safe or actually making a smart decision for the future. We'll bust the myth of the security of a paycheck. You'll learn about the three levels of employment and be able to see where you are at and what you can change. You'll hear real life examples of leaving corporate jobs and landing on your feet. You'll be prompted to consider if your profession itself is the problem, or if you love what you do and simply need to find a different way of doing it. We'll teach you about the dangers of a 401K and how passive income may be the new retirement plan. You'll learn about different ways you can generate income while you sleep. We'll inspire you and show you how to find things you love doing, and give you tips on how to make money doing it. 

Module Eighteen: How to Make Travel Part of Your Life
In this module we discuss the importance of travel from a personal growth standpoint. We'll show you how to travel the world even if you have limited funds. You'll be given long term and short term action steps to take in advance to make travel a regular part of your life. We'll teach you how to pack light and all of our tricks for finding the best deal on airfare. You'll learn about hostels versus hotels versus staying with locals via Airbnb or Couchsurfing. We'll give you some banking tips, discuss easy ways to learn a foreign language, and get you inspired to take the first steps in planning your next trip. 

Module Nineteen: What Have You Got to Lose?
This is one final, gentle push to assess your fears and face them. We'll motivate you to start where you are with what you've got right now, You'll learn how to identify and release expectations and keep your assumptions in check. We'll show you how to nip your "what ifs" in the bud. You'll find the courage to break down your fears bit by bit and you'll learn how to not waste too much time making arbitrary plans. We'll prompt you to recognize how far you've come, how much you have to offer and where to go from this new space that you're in.