Katie talks about placentas, postpartum moms, and her sudden turn in career/life path

My Guest Spot on Maternally Yours! | Cock & Crow #postpartum #placenta #podcast

Earlier this week I guest starred on the Maternally Yours radio show + podcast. It was my very first live interview and I didn't drop one f-bomb! My part starts @ 7:59 and goes for about 20 minutes. Click here to listen! Let me know what you think, and please share!

I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed and hope to do lots more. Here's the questions they asked me in this particular episode: 

  1. Tell us how Postpartum Confession began from just a single photo shared on social media.
  2. You read all the stories that are submitted to the website or on social media. How do you process and choose the stories that are included? Can you share what story has impacted you personally the most? What about your most read/viewed story?
  3. You've done one podcast that is included on the website so far, from this October. What got you into podcasting and do you hope to include more in the future? Can you tell us about that episode and why it is important?
  4. Personally, your took a sudden turn in career and life path that brought you to birth work. Can you tell us more about how that came about?
  5. You have a passion for all things placenta related, as you mention in your bio on the website. What's up with that?
  6. You also have a website called Cock & Crow and I noticed you talk about "not being alone" on both that site and PC. Why is that message so important to you?
  7. Birth stories fascinate and are more easily found on the interwebs and beyond. Why focus on postpartum stories and how have you seen it heal and help women?

Click here to listen! Let me know what you think, and please share!

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