Episode Three: Are You Ready to Hear What Your Partner Doesn't Like About You?

In this podcast we explore the question I'm sure will resonate with every couple who's currently in or has been in a long term relationship:

Kris and I are a very loving, connected, conscious couple with a unique relationship. We generally don't relate to the cliche issues common in mainstream monogamous relationships. 

Why Aren't We Having Sex Anymore? (or less frequently, or like we used to)

Yet we found ourselves not having sex - a very cliche problem. As always, we wanted to get to the root of why, instead of just accepting it as an unavoidable side effect. 

It's socially accepted as "normal" for sexual desire to wane, yet there's no conscious discussion around why. So we got all up in each others business and broke down what we were doing to kill the sexual energy and turn the other person off.  We made sure to keep the conversation constructive and positive, and in the end it was tremendously helpful. 

We reference David Deida's concept of the three stages of relationships, with "Intimate Communion" being the third stage, and the stage that taught us to fight in a healthy way.  In the rare instance where a fight drags on for a while, we have the framework in place to get to the bottom of it quickly and respectfully using a language that we both understand.  

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Episode Resources:

Watch all 12 parts of this YouTube series (totals about 90 minutes) - It is a great intro to David Deida's work. If you can get over the cheesy intro music, you will find lots of humor, tons of real life scenarios to relate to, and ways you can deepen your partnership. 

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