Episode 9: Polyamory is so old fashioned

Over the past few months we have received a number of new questions about polyamory from our friends and listeners.  We've also been dipping our toes into the world of Tinder (a dating app) and discuss why we decided not to go on first dates alone anymore. All this has combined to make for a fun new podcast where we go into more detail about the day to day reality of polyamory. 

We get into things like what kinds of people are poly, how long poly has been around, and the ever-popular and misunderstood connection between polyamory and jealousy.  Plus we answer the following questions and more:

  1. What do you tell your partner when you're on a date with a new person?
  2. When do you introduce the new person?
  3. Do you have a primary/secondary relationship?
  4. Do the people you date know you're poly?
  5. Have you been poly the whole time you've been together?
  6. Have you ever worried about losing each other to a new partner?
  7. How many people are in your bond and does that number fluctuate?

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