Episode 11: How We Stopped Being Sad and Fat

Lately we've been perplexed by this situation we're all in now with body image. It's like we've gone too far with the whole "every body is beautiful" thing. To the point where we can't even talk about it. The only acceptable thing to say is, "Oh you're beautiful! Love yourself! You look amazing!"

First of all: why are we only focused on the physical?

And second of all: why can't we be frank about it? Like - hey - you've put on some weight. Your skin isn't looking bright....your eyes look cloudy.....you've lost your zest....how do you feel?

Why are we all missing the point of - how do you feel? Because we're so afraid to *gasp* hurt someone's feelings, and we're a culture where we're all paralyzed by trigger warnings

Being fit isn't about looking great in a bikini. It's about feeling good mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

You know what I mean?

So let's talk about that. Let's talk about what you're holding on to. What you're afraid of. What you're resistant to change. What excuses you're clinging to. Why you don't think you deserve to take time for yourself. Why your health isn't a priority. 

That's what we do in this podcast. We share how we all used to be sad and fat. And why we felt like that was normal. Because: I'm getting older, I have kids, I don't have time. And how we woke up. And got healthy. And everything else fell into place.

Join us on this episode is our super special guest, Heather Lange - she has birthed her own babies, adopted babies, and served as a surrogate for other families. She found herself overweight, unhealthy and barely able to keep up with her kids. Now she's an ultra runner and a health and wellness coach, but the best part is: she no longer makes excuses and has taken her life by the balls, truly living every day to the fullest.

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  • Here is Heather's contact info if you want a super supportive kick in the ass and someone in your corner to help navigate a health and fitness plan: heather@whollyheather.com

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