Episode 10: What happened when we only ate produce for a whole month

So we did this thing where we only ate fruits and vegetables and a small amount of nuts for 28 days. Since we're privileged white people, it's easy for us to say this is the hardest thing we've ever done. 


The shit was hard. 

But feeling like shit was getting really old. We are young. Our diet was the picture of perfection: raw dairy, grass-fed beef, organic produce, fermented everything, the whole deal. 

Yet we were still tired all the time, sleeping like shit, not having a lot of sex, lacking creativity and motivation, feeling sluggish after working out + not losing weight, and popping allergy pills like they were candy. 

Obviously we were missing something. But it took us a minute to get there. We were hoping we could just drink more kombucha or find a cool naturopath or get more spirulina in our diet. 

That didn't work. 

So when we stumbled across the book Medical Medium and got to the healing protocol at the end, we didn't hesitate to try it because it totally felt right. 

And that's what got us here - on the other side of having only consumed produce for 28 days. If my bread lovin', meat' cravin, cheese-obsessed boyfriend can do it, so can you. 

What we got out of it ended up being surprising. It did so much more than address our physical ailments. The synchronicities and timing of it all is crazy. But also not. Because that's how life works when you don't settle. 

Have a listen. 

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