We write e-booksrecord podcastsshare travel tipsmake delicious food, design websites, have backyard chickens, host Couchsurfers, talk about sex, and generally encourage people to get over themselves. We thought about somehow separating all of this and maintaining multiple different websites and faces for all of our ventures - ultimately trying to be what we thought people would want their web designer to be, or their coach to be, or their travel blogger to be.

But then we had to just get real.

It's all related anyway: Food, Sex, Birth, Relationships, Travel, Design, Badassery. No person on this planet is any ONE thing. We are all doing the same things - it's that most of us don't want to talk about it so we all think we're alone in our weirdness. 

You are not alone. 

This is a judgement free zone and we're here to inspire you to live your life on purpose. 

SO. There you have it. Feel free to browse our content: blog, books, and podcast, read more about us, and explore working with us: web design, and/or coaching (technology + business). As always - reach out if you have questions!