One night after Kris and I led a life coaching call, we sat down thinking that the advice and insight we had just shared was not all that specific to the person we coached. People have unique issues, but they fall into the same categories:

  • relationship struggles

  • feeling unfulfilled

  • lacking time and energy

  • not knowing where to start or where to go next

  • feeling overwhelmed, helpless and depressed

  • worrying what friends and family think

  • afraid of failure and change

The individual things we struggle with in our day to day lives are just indications of deeper issues we need to address, shift, and heal.

Some common examples are:

  • Absence of community

  • Clutter: physical and emotional

  • Struggles with jealousy in friendships and intimate relationships

  • Lack of transparency and authenticity

  • Overwhelmed by financial responsibility

  • Days spent "going thru the motions"

  • Broken or non existent relationship with mindfulness/spirituality/religion

  • Irregular or absent physical movement practice

  • Overrun with guilt, shame, and obligation

  • Distorted relationship with sexuality and sexual health

  • Poor communication skills, trouble expressing yourself

  • Disconnected relationship with food

  • Unhealthy connections with friends and family

These issues stem largely from being programmed since birth. Most of us were shuffled through the public school system where we received an education and were taught to be on time, meet deadlines, follow rules and respect authority figures. This translates perfectly into the corporate world for work, where most of us end up next (with our student loan debt in tow).

Our life is suddenly a series of unconscious choices - we’re just doing what everybody else is doing. We know little about our health, our bodies, the food we eat, or preventative care. We maybe loosely follow the food pyramid, but mostly we just eat whatever, go to the doctor for some antibiotics when we’re sick, and accept “getting older” as the reason for weight gain, wrinkles, lower sex drive and insert-any-other-common-ailment-here.

We find someone nice to marry, though we couldn’t tell you why we’re doing it. We haven’t received any proper sex education or had good examples of healthy relationships. We have babies at the nearest hospital with whatever obstetrician our insurance covers. We work, work, work, save, save, save, take our two weeks (if that) of vacation every year, “retire”, and enjoy our golden years.

I used to work in corporate America. I had a great job at a major newspaper and thought that would be my foot in the door to....something - writing, perhaps? I quickly found that I wasn't fulfilled and started thinking a lot about how I wanted to spend my days. I knew the point of my life wasn’t to sit in a cubicle all day, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, I was in a series of mainstream monogamous relationships and was existing on the hamster wheel of my prescribed life: go to work, maybe hit the gym, come home tired, eat take out, watch a couple hours of TV and go to bed.

Kris was in a similar boat and working in an office as the I.T. guy. Eventually he started his own I.T. company with a friend and while they were successful, they'd still missed the mark. Kris was in the mindset of "work really hard because that's the only way to make money, be successful and achieve The American Dream". He worked 60 hours a week, was always on call for his clients, took daily antacids, allergy medication, thyroid medication, and sleeping pills. He got his breakfast at a drive thru, ate lunch out, ran himself ragged all day and came home to drink a bottle of wine, watch some T.V. and flop into bed. His health suffered, his relationships suffered, he wasn't happy, and he was a slave to his "stuff" - his mortgage, his cars, etc.

Fast forward to now: We are in a wonderful polyamorous relationship. We know ourselves, we deeply care for ourselves. We eat well, we feel good, and we work for ourselves. We are no longer in the mindset of trading time for money and are creating multiple passive income streams. Our days are filled with good food, creativity, and lots of love. Friendships are rich and real, travel is often and life is never stagnant.

This is what we want for you in your own unique way.

So often people tell us we're lucky, but we're here to tell you that it isn't luck. It is thoughtful changes and reality shifts that equate to a life of freedom versus a prescribed life of what you think you "should" be doing, or what you view as the only option.

There’s more to life than this. And you know that - why else would you be here?

Since the same advice could be applied to many - we realized that giving this information one person at a time wasn't a very efficient way to go about it.

Enter: Reality Rehab - The E-Course

It is a self-paced, 19 module course that covers everything from sex education to eliminating clutter to healthy eating to lowering your overhead to smart car ownership to preventative health care, and oh so much more. The course is full of practical advice, actionable strategies, and thought provoking questions that will lead you to a life of freedom. You can read the full outline and course details by clicking here. Each module contains:

  • an audio file + transcript introducing the subject
  • questions (with accompanying audio prompts)
  • actions (with accompanying audio prompts)
  • resources for further learning

For those who are curious about the course - we've created a preview version. It is a free, five-day email course where we'll cover:

  • Food
  • Sex
  • Travel
  • Mindfulness
  • Passive Income

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