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The Utopia that is suburban Netherlands {Hint: Skip Amsterdam!}

We went to the best coffee shop…basically just — when you see a machine like this and you see a seasoned gentleman behind the coffee bar….it’s going to blow your mind. And you automatically get a Portuguese custard tart on the side. Like. What?

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Breakfast in London ~ Dinner in Dublin ~ Buffet in NYC {Days 32 & 33}

Today we had an easy afternoon flight from Dublin. We landed in NYC at 6pm and weren’t too messed up from jetleg — it’s easier going this way and with the shorter flight. It was 6pm NYC time and only 11pm Dublin time so we weren’t totally fried yet. From the airport we took a train to Grand Central Station and had dinner at our favorite buffet around the corner.

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London > Rome > Arezzo > Paris | Spring 2011

Kris on European toilets: “These toilets are deep as shit. Your shit has such a long way to fall. It’s like a goddamn mile high. It’s like dropping your shit off a cliff. I hope whoever invented these toilets has to shit in them for the rest of their life.”

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