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A month in Budapest {The Paris of the East}

The baths ended up actually not being great. They were mostly populated by fat old people and they were just really crowded. And the changing rooms and locker room areas were just kinda gross. I don’t know. All in all it was more like a public pool, which I suppose makes sense. It wasn’t like a hot spring in the middle of the woods or something.

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Breakfast in London, Dinner in Rome {Day 13}

I don't if it was because it was early and we were delirious or what, but everything was crackgin us up. A little girl and her parents walked by us. I said, "Ohmygawd that little girl was so cute" and Kris giggled and said, "That little girl grabbed that guys cock" (an accident, as she was reaching for his hand). We laughed about that for minutes.

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