My Packing List for 12 Weeks in Europe, hint: It all fits in a tiny backpack

My hot boyfriend and I know how to pack light. We did very well on our 6 week trip last year, and are packing even lighter for a 12 week jaunt that starts tomorrow. 


All I am bringing with me is one backpack (a small book bag-type bag, not a big REI backpacking rig) and a small purse. I laid all my crap out and took a photo so you'd have a visual and I can explain everything:

  1. Six light cotton dresses - I am a fan of one piece outfits.

  2. Two scarves - they are very light and are great in a pinch to cover your shoulders in Italian churches, lay on top of a dirty park bench, or just act as a versatile accessory to dress up and outfit.

  3. Bottoms: 1 pair of pajama shorts, 2 pairs of leggings, 2 light cotton skirts, 1 pair of jeans

  4. 2 cardigan-type sweaters made out of a very light material. Great for layering over tank tops if it's colder.

  5. Tops - 1 long sleeved shirt, 4 t-shirts, 6 tank tops

  6. A dozen pairs of underwear

  7. Five pairs of socks

  8. Flip flops (1 of two pairs of shoes I'm taking)

  9. Sound machine

  10. Vibrator

  11. Ear buds

  12. Passport

  13. Tablet

  14. Bar of soap, chapstick

  15. Plane snacks

  16. Travel bottle of natural sunscreen, lavender oil for deodorant

  17. Q-tips and nail file

  18. Hair brush

  19. Toothbrush

  20. Menstrual cup

  21. Dental floss

  22. Multi country travel adapter with two USB ports (charging cord for tablet not pictured)

Also packing, but not pictured:

  • cloth napkins (to act as hankies and sex clean up rags - they were in the wash when I took this photo)

  • toothpaste

  • travel bottle of coconut oil (general body moisturizer and sex lube)

  • pens & small notepad

  • reusable water bottle

  • 2 of those reusable grocery bags that fold up into themselves in a nice tiny little pouch (so fucking handy!)

  • tiny wallet for cash and coins only

bags for 12 weeks in Europe