He's got garlic up his ass! {Day 11 & 12, London}

Day 11 - Wednesday, September 18 - London

Today was super lazy. We explored the neighborhood where we are staying, Greenwich, and then walked over to another neighborhood, Blackheath, and the best gelato ever at a little place called Black Vanilla. It was seriously amazing. And we had a pastry that was a layer of shortbread, then caramel, then chocolate. I also took this glorious portrait of my boyfriend in the window:

We played frisbee for a bit and then went to the produce stand and got some stuff to make risotto for dinner and rice pudding for dessert — the kitchen at our Airbnb was really cute.

Our host didn't get back until later in the evening, and when he did he was super tipsy and hilarious. He rides his bike everywhere and he's very serious about it. He came in the house with a giant helmet on, bike shorts and a proper bike shirt.

He was chatting away to us in the kitchen and at one point he farted, but it happened so fast I thought to myself....wait a minute - did he just fart? And then he said "Oh, don't mind the fart, it's just a beer fart." and I said "Oh, that's nothing. He's (Kris) got garlic up his ass". Kris started laughing and said, "Tell him why I've got the garlic up there! You can't just leave it at that!"

At one point Kris and I were muttering to each other planning our route for the next day and Bill said, "Thank fuck you call it the tube. So many people call it the Metro and I just wanna smack 'em"

He asked what we were doing in the coming days and I said that Friday we'd just go somewhere cute for breakfast and then head up to the airport. He said, "Wait, wait - back up a little - did you say 'go somewhere cute for breakfast'?" He thought that was the funniest thing ever. He said, "I'm going to go up to the first person I see tomorrow and say - hey! Do you wanna go somewhere cute for breakfast? Who could say no to that?"

Then he had to find something he says that i might think was funny and repeat. He said "I've said this before, but it bears repeating" That was his "saying". And I do think it's funny and I will use it.

Day 12 Thursday, September 19th London

Went back to Black Vanilla today for more euphoria via their gelato. Then I took this cute picture of my boyfriend while we were walking to the VodaPhone store:

London 2013

We left Bill's and went to meet our couch surfing host, Sally, who lives on a boat and was hosting us that night. Look how cute her boat is! She had little vignettes in every nook and cranny and we got to sleep in that little nest:

We ventured back out for a bit and walked through an absolutely beautiful park that had a little secret garden in the middle:

London 2013

And then we had dinner at The Yellow House. Everything is freshly made in house. Kris' pizza was insane and our dessert was so delicious - fudgy brownie with home made white chocolate ice cream on top.

Afterwards we went back and hung out on the boat with Sally and her neighbor, Dave. Dave was awesome. He totally "got" us. He used to work for Exon and made tons of money and traveled the world, but soon realized that he was just another robot, totally expendable and meaningless. He quit, bought a boat, went back to school and did lots of traveling. He has a house in Brighton and invited us there on our way back through England.

It was such a fun scene on the boat - crammed in this tiny space, drinking wine, listening to Billie Holiday on the record player, talking about world travels and the meaning of life.