Fanny Packs & Picaso (Or, trying to appreciate culture while surrounded by d-bags)

After a food coma weekend in Margate, we headed back to London for a quick stop before going to Italy. On Tuesday morning we slept late and lounged around a bit before taking the bus to the London Eye area of the river front. If I had one day in London this is something I would always do - walk along the Thames in Central London. Eventually we got to the Tate Modern and decided to go in for a taste of culture (which really means that we we checked in on facebook to seem cool, looked at painting for 10 minutes, and then had a pot of tea at the museum cafe.)

There was some cool shit by some cool people like Picaso, but it's hard to get into it when you're elbow to elbow with a million fanny pack wearing douche bags. It was like when I went to see the Mona Lisa in Paris. I was like, ok, cool - it's an old ass famous ass painting - now get me the fuck out of here and away from these frumperific losers with their kids on leashes. 

The museum cafe at the Tate really is spectacular though. There's one on the first floor, one on the third floor, but it's the one on the 6th floor that makes your jaw drop. It looks like it's just a fancy restaurant, but actually there is a bar where you can get drinks and sit in the massively long bar in the window which overlooks the river and St. Paul's Cathedral. 

Tate Modern, London

Afterwards we headed to the Camden area of London which is super touristy, but there are pockets of insane coolness and a really fun hippie vibe to the whole neighborhood. Plus, there is a fucking SEA of ridiculous food stalls with authentic food from all over the world. I mean - it's all for realsies shit. I got lunch from an Italian food stall - two Italians making mounds of pasta dough, rolling it through the pasta machine right in front of you and dropping it fresh in a pot of water they had boiling on a little hot plate.

After lunch we wandered through Regent’s Park where we both had great public bathroom poop experiences because the park bathrooms in London are probably nicer than in most peoples houses. 

Then we headed back to our friend's house where we were staying and spent a lovely quiet evening alone eating our Thai leftovers that were so good we had transported them from Margate. 

The next day, Wednesday, was our travel day. If you lack money, but have time - you can travel the long, cheap way like we did - a London city bus to a train to Gatwick airport to fly to Rome, then another city bus to the main train station in Rome to catch another train to Perugia where our host picked us up from the train station. Perugia is at the top of the hill and the train station is at the bottom, so it was nice to have someone with a car to drive us. He brought us to the apartment we were renting from him for the month. It is in a huge old building and is basically just two large stone rooms with a full bathroom (bidet, bathtub and all) in the middle. One of the rooms is a fully stocked kitchen with a washing machine. The other room is fucking gigantic and has a queen bed, two twin beds, a large dining table, and several huge old wood armoires and hutches. It is right in the city center and we are excited to live here for a whole month.