Posts in Europe 2014
A month in Budapest {The Paris of the East}

The baths ended up actually not being great. They were mostly populated by fat old people and they were just really crowded. And the changing rooms and locker room areas were just kinda gross. I don’t know. All in all it was more like a public pool, which I suppose makes sense. It wasn’t like a hot spring in the middle of the woods or something.

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Making our Home for the Month in Perugia, Italy

For the first few days we were sort of walking around like zombies - as I'm sure most would feel having "moved" to a city you'd never been to, to occupy an apartment you'd never seen before. We were just getting the lay of the land. Who has the best coffee. Who has the cheapest cup of decent tea. The freshest pastries. The best dinner deal. Where are the free wifi spots. The good gelato.

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A Food Lovers Fucking PARADISE (Margate, U.K.)

By chef I mean magician because this thai food wasn't like anything else I've ever put in my mouth. I had a creamy peanutty sauce with chicken over coconut rice and Kris had a fried rice dish that was layered with so many amazing flavors that shot off like fireworks in your mouth. The majority of the dishes were 6 pounds too. A goddamn steal. 

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