Breakfast in Vernazza ~ Gelato in Milan ~ Asleep in Copenhagen {Day 21}

This morning we had breakfast at a little cafe overlooking the sea in Vernazza. Then we saw our hot waiter from Thursday night stumble in and sit down with the hot pizza place girls who were also having breakfast at the same cafe. It was fun to see the town come to life before the tourists arrived on the late morning train.

I wanted Kris to get a picture of our hot waiter:

Afterwards we hung out in our hotel bar until our train came. And had this beautiful latte:

Vernazza 2013

Then we hopped on a train to Milan, which was a little over 3 hour ride. The first part of it was super beautiful because we were still riding right up the coast of Italy. In our train car with us was this so fucking annoying older couple. They shouted loudly at each other and their friend from another car came and stood in the doorway of our doorway and shouted too. Then they made some motion for me to throw away my paper pastry bag after I stuffed it in my purse. What fucking business of theirs is my trash? I want to reuse that bag later, dickheads.

Later on I said all of that to Kris and I said, "They were such pieces of shit!" and he said, "Well....they were Germans....."

We arrived in Milan and started wandering around. It was such a bullshit city. Everything was dirty and there was tons of awful graffiti everywhere. Everyone was rude, there was tons of traffic and it just looked like any other random city. There was nothing special about Milan.

Thankfully we did find a gelato place and it was very spectacular. After that though we just headed to the airport, hours early, but not before I guerilla peed on the lawn of a fancy hotel because it was a fucking ghost town and nowhere was open. We were walking down a very busy street and there was a big swanky hotel with a huge lawn and lots of trees for cover. Loads of peole walked by but I'm sure they had no idea what I was doing.

We did have super delicious food in the airport though. So we went out on a good note.

Copenhagen's airport was easy to navigate and we even easily got on the subway to meet our hosts - an adorable Danish boy who stayed with us in Phoenix last year.

Here is his house:

Like. This is a house shared by 6 college-age BOYS. Never would you find this in the states — it would be covered in beer cans and pizza boxes with shitty posters thumb-tacked on the walls. These dudes were proper classy and the culture makes so much more well rounded people.