Cheap European Travel: Proven Travel Hacks to Make Any Budget Go Further

Cheap European Travel: Proven Travel Hacks to Make Any Budget Go Further

This is a very practical yet concise guide that a traveler can use during every part of their trip. We only wanted to share actual strategies that we have used and had success with. This book covers things like: 

  • How to plan for your trips, both in the short term and long term 
  • What to pack 
  • Budget Tips + Actual Costs 
  • How to find cheap airfare 
  • How to navigate foreign public transportation
  • How to utilize European budget airlines
  • Trains vs Planes vs Busses
  • What to do, where to stay, and what to eat 
  • Safety Tips
  • Quirky Local Customs

There is a decent chance that some of the tips and strategies will be well outside the box that you operate in, but I promise they work well, otherwise we wouldn't do them. 

We have learned how to make travel a lifestyle, and we have done it in such a way that we don't have to be rich to do it, but we also don't have to sell everything we own or sacrifice comfort when we travel either. We're just a couple of regular folks who figured out there is more to travel than what you find on Orbitz or Expedia, and that there is far more to budget travel than hostels and stinky busses. 

We've both read lots of travel books, and the one big complaint we had was that most of them are too theoretical and conceptual, and don't really give you any specific costs or nuts & bolts details.

Ultimately we just wanted to lift the veil and show people that European travel is not nearly as difficult or expensive as you probably think, and the tips in this book will be extremely useful regardless of what your budget is.