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How I Afford Travel

I am by no means wealthy, not even close. My partner and I combined made less than $30,000 last year. Yet last year we spent 2 weeks in Hawai'i and 6 weeks in Europe. This year we are away for 12 weeks - spending 4 weeks in England, 4 weeks in Italy, and 4 weeks in Hungary. Here's how we do it without selling our souls (and all of our stuff)!

Reality Rehab: Your Road Map To A Life Of Freedom

Hey!  Is your life sucking right now?  Do you go to bed every night thinking "shit, I have to drag my ass out of bed in just 6 hours and go to a job that I hate all day tomorrow?"  Lemme guess, you're probably also overweight, out of shape, and don't have near as much money as you wish you did.  I'll bet your relationship sucks too, if you're even still in one.  It's probably also a safe guess that your doctor has you on all kinds of bullshit pills to help combat your self-induced misery. 

That One Time My Girlfriend And I Got Side-By-Side Erotic Massages In Budapest

Last summer, my girlfriend Katie and I stayed in Budapest, Hungary. While we were researching Hungarian society, we learned that sex work is legal and all sex workers are part of a union, are covered by state funded healthcare, receive regular checkups, testing, and other support from the government. Brothels or pimping is illegal, which allows all sex workers to remain in complete control of their situations and their money.

How To Get To Europe On The Cheap (a mini travel guide)

Over the past few years we have made four trips to Europe and have researched the process extensively.  And it turns out that getting to Europe is actually pretty cheap.  Before I had ever traveled there, I always thought the idea of planning a trip was a little daunting.  I knew that lots of airlines flew to lots of different European cities, but how was I to know what was the best and cheapest way?

How to Use Couchsurfing as a Traveler {A Guide + FAQs}

As a traveler, I had never heard of Couchsurfing until one summer I was planning a long, epic trip through Europe and couldn’t afford paying for a hotel or even a hostel for 87 straight days. Couchsurfing sounded way out there, and too good to be true – I can stay at a strangers house in the middle of Rome for free? And they won’t murder me? As it turns out – yes. Yes I could. And no – no they won’t.

How Hosting Travelers Has Enriched My Life

A few years ago I rented a house that has an extra bedroom.  Shortly after my girlfriend and I moved in, we discovered two platforms that have literally changed our lives in more ways than we can count: Couchsurfing, and Airbnb. They are both similar, in that they connect hosts with travelers, but also offer completely different experiences that are both very worthwhile.