A Love Letter to Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This piece of writing was inspired by a prompt from Jena Schwartz. The theme of the prompt was: The Blues

I have blue eyes. People always always always notice my eyes and, aside from my beefy calves that have never met a knee high boot that fits, they are the thing about myself that I find the most beautiful and intriguing. Eyes have always fascinated me. They're so tiny yet they see so much. They way that they automatically adjust to the light is incredibly brilliant. I started to really appreciate this after taking an "Intro to your DSLR" class where the teacher taught us how to adjust the aperture on our cameras and compared it to our pupils.

How genius that they adjust automatically - another automated bodily process that we rarely notice or give thanks for.

Last night I watched the first episode of Joseph Gordon Levitt's "Hit Record" and one of the shorts was written by this woman who has super fucked up vision and can't see at night so she'd never seen the stars until this one day her dad ordered military grade night vision goggles. This girl then saw the stars for the first time and remarked how different they were to what she was expecting based on the descriptions she had been given by different people her whole life.

The stars never change, but perspective can vary so greatly from person to person.

If you haven't seen that show yet you really need to start watching it. Joseph Gordon Levitt is the kind of human I wish there were more of - the kind I strive to be. First of all - he's completely beautiful in his own unique way. He's the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. And he's created this amazing platform to connect people. Connection changes everything. Like the woman who submitted the piece on seeing the stars for the first time - she submitted it on his site and he chose it to make a short film out of it and air it on his show. A seemingly small act, but to the star seeing lady - that probably infused her with so much excitement and energy that she rode for months to follow.

His website is interactive and he often solicits material from his website members - poetry, stories, music, art, etc. And then he mish mashes it all into these amazing clips that are super moving. It's like Sesame Street for adults. He always gives proper credit to the people who've submitted and it just makes you want to be a part of it. We all just want to feel like we're a part of something. I was so entertained, so touched, so inspired and so filled with motivation and warm fuzzy feelings after watching that show. Who'da thought my writing prompt today would've turned into a love letter about Joseph Gordon Levitt. 

The warm fuzzy feeling I got watching Hit Record reminded me of this writing group. Such a simple act - 10 minute free writes posted in a group for us all to share, but the energy I've been filled up with is priceless. To really be witnessed, and most importantly - heard, and then to have your words reflected back to you is such a cool thing. We should all be doing it way more often. 

Another thing about eyes though - isn't it funny how hard it is for most people to stare into another person's eyes?

I remember this one time I was at a gathering at a friends house and we all moved out to the backyard to sit around the fire pit. I don't know how it came up but suddenly one of the girls in the circle got up and knelt down next to each person individually, held really intense prolonged eye contact, and then said one thing she loved about them - and most of us she'd just met, including me.

When she got to me, she said something profound about my eyes. And I didn't feel uncomfortable holding her gaze.

A few months later I was in New York on my way to Europe after my divorce to shed all my layers and blah blah blah. I posted something on facebook and a random person commented and said "You're in NYC? My friend Terra is too. You guys should connect". Terra was the eye staring girl from the fire pit. Moments later I had her phone number, I called her and it turns out that in a city of 8 million people with miles upon miles of maze-like streets - we were literally 2 blocks from each other. Within minutes were face to face and ended up spending the most magical day-turned week together. We tried on dresses at BCBG, diamonds at Tiffany's, and bought loads of chocolate truffles and passed them out to random people on the street. 

Sometimes when Kris and I feel disconnected or are having shitty days or don't like each other so much - we'll sit cross legged and stare at each other. Sometimes we put our hands on each other's hearts, sometimes not. Either way though - the staring melts us. You can't not be present when you're staring at someone and it only takes about 60 seconds for you to feel something shift, for you both to soften, and for that feeling you get at the end of a yoga class to wash over you. 


You guys, seriously. Do the writing group. Do the writing group. Do the writing group. 

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