What's Your Wish List?

This piece of writing was inspired by a prompt from Jena Schwartz. The theme of the prompt was: What's your wish list? 

Wishes! How fun. I wish for things any ol' fucking time I feel like, though I find it particularly fun to set some serious intentions at each new moon. I believe our words are very powerful so I "wish" as if it already exists. I am titling my list today as: I look forward to the day when......

1. I know why my adorable bones aren't rebuilding. Osteopenia at 30 is pretty fuckin strange and "just supplement with vitamin D" is not an acceptable answer. I have lots of wonderful professionals on my side, finally, and we are all working together to figure this thing out. 

2. I live in the Chateu on Central. It's this completely bad ass building that is comprised of 5-story penthouses that look like castles. So the basement level is an insane garage and a movie theater. The ground floor is outfitted to be a storefront if you wanted - it has beautiful giant windows, an office, a bathroom, a mini kitchen. Would be super fun to have all my amazing body worker friends use it as a healing space. The next floor up is a giant living room and my total dream kitchen with a beautiful brick patio perfect for outdoor entertaining. The next level up is two identical bedrooms and two bathrooms. And the top floor is one stupendous master bedroom, bathroom and closet. 

3. I leave $100 tips everywhere I eat and pay healers double what they charge and fund everybody's amazing kickstarter campaigns. 

4. I have 17 best selling books on Amazon and am wiping my ass with my passive income streams. 

5. I own a beach house in Brighton, a penthouse in London, a brownstone in Brooklyn. 

6. I have super toned arms without a trace of flabby chicken skin flopping around.

7. My dad enforces healthy boundaries for himself and stops bailing my skanky cousins out of every mess they get themselves into. 

8. Society as a whole stops freaking the fuck out when anyone does something that's not the mainstream norm. Like being self employed, hosting travelers, taking lovers, not having children, etc.

9. I have a food forest in my front yard.

10. I have an uber-famous traveling placenta art show. 

Usually my wishes are intertwined with expressing gratitude for all of the amazing things that already are. Though sometimes it's a yell! Like - hey! I'm ready for a fucking life upgrade.


That's my mantra, in general - I'm Ready. I don't always know what for, I just am. C'mon, try me. I'm ready. 

The most common time I write anything down is on the new moon and it's great to be able to look back and see what shifted or what I just completely forgot I even wanted. I don't put too much weight on my wishes as I believe that in my small mind I can't possibly imagine all there is that I can do and be, so I'm totally open to something incredible happening to me that is so bizarre it's nothing I could've ever consciously wished for. Most of the ridiculously wonderful things that have ever happened to me are like that. 

I do love to make vision boards though and quite often things I affix on my boards end up happening, so that's cool and makes me want to keep doing them on the regular. 

I don't have wishes that I've given up on, per se, though I do have wishes I've moved on from. I really truly deep down trust that if something I've been longing for isn't happening that it just wasn't meant to be. It's not that I did anything wrong or didn't deserve it or whatever. It just wasn't meant to happen in order to leave room for something else that's even cooler. 

Isn't that more fun anyway? Instead of being like, "What the fuck? Why didn't XYZ work out", it's way more interesting to approach it with curiosity and intrigue of what is coming. 

You guys. Are you ready? Join me in Reality Rehab: A Four-Month Online Course to Uncover Your Inner Badass. Let's make all your wishes come true. 

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