What Happened When Eating Organic Whole Foods Wasn't Working For Me

Do you ever have that thing happen where something interesting pops up, you ignore it, but then it just keeps popping up? And finally you’re like, “OK I’LL LOOK AT YOU.”

That’s what happened with me and the book “Medical Medium”.

When I finally submitted to reading it, I tore through it in two days and was cracked open. My adorable boyfriend was right there with me and we decided that we wanted to do the healing protocol at the end of the book and essentially reset our relationship with food.

It wasn’t even “we decided”. It was - we read the book and our minds were blown and it wasn’t even a question as to whether or not we were going to make some changes.

The last two years we have each been exploring our own health issues and recently have begun hitting a wall.

“You know how to heal yourself. You already have the answers.”

As much as we want to believe this concept - it’s just easier to try to find some magic practitioner that just gives you a supplement to take and a food to cut out and BAM. You’re healed.

That wasn’t the case with us. And we knew.

We knew we had to kick it up a notch and that we already had all the answers. We just didn’t want to do the work. We didn’t want to change our diet. But then all of the sudden we couldn’t just keep sitting around anymore.

Mind you - we already ate healthy. Our diet consisted of:

  • Local, grass-fed beef
  • Raw milk
  • Pasture raised chicken
  • Eggs from our backyard birds
  • Farmer’s market produce
  • Sprouted beans and grains
  • Soaked nuts
  • Fermented foods

But we still felt like crap all the time. It was one of those scenes though where it was a bunch of little things that we simply got used to. But when you added them all up - it was fucking stupid and finally we were like - this is bullshit. We need to get healthy. We should feel better, so obviously we're missing something. 

We were still experiencing:

  • allergies (him) - he was taking frequent allergy pills and using his prescription nose spray a lot
  • phlegm and stuffy nose for the first hour of each day (me)
  • frequent urination (me) even at night - getting up 5-6 times a night to pee
  • trouble falling asleep and staying asleep (both of us)
  • not feeling rested upon waking (both of us)
  • low sex drive (me, and to a lesser degree - him)
  • Unmotivated, sluggish (both of us)
  • Feel exhausted after a short workout (both of us)
  • Tinnitus (me), and bone density issues (me)
  • Weight stagnation - like working out for months and months and no weight loss

We’ve been doing the healing protocol for 24 days now.  On day 2, some crazy shit happened. Aside from that, so far we’ve noticed

  • Zero allergy attacks
  • no allergy pills taken, minimal use of nose spray
  • Little to no morning phlegm
  • Significantly less urination - been sleeping 6 solid hours without peeing
  • Easier time falling asleep and staying asleep
  • Wake up feeling rested, and takes less time to feel “Awake” in the morning
  • Feel steadily alert and awake all day and well into the evening
  • More sex
  • More creativity, more writing, more motivation
  • Not tired after workouts
  • I’ve also noticed I’m waaaaay less stinky! Like - I used to wake up with stinky armpits even. No more.
  • Weight loss! After 9 months of working out without losing a single pound - I've lost 9 pounds, Kris has lost 8. 

The healing protocol in the book is so simple. It’s basically: eat only fruits and vegetables. A little bit of fat, like nuts and good oils are ok, but not too much. Try not to combine fats and sugars. And that’s it. There’s a lot of other things that open your mind like: eat fruit to heal candida. Forget fermented food - all the “probiotics” you need are on the skin of fruit. And other shit like that. It sort of smacks you in the face because it’s like - there’s no shortcut. There’s no magic supplement or kombucha recipe or pill you can take or a food to eliminate. It’s just - eat simply. Get clear.  

So - we’re doing this for roughly 28 days and then we’re going to slowly, deliberately reintroduce foods one at a time and find what works for us. We've also been doing colon hydrotherapy, and BodyTalk which has been incredibly supportive and helpful. 

Has it been difficult? Fuck yes. It’s a pretty fucking dramatic change. And it sucks not to be able to eat what you want. We are all addicted to food. You are too. Especially if you’re reading this going, “Oh I could never do this because my kids, my husband, my job, whatever”. That’s your food addiction talking.

The difficulty is only psychological though. Because we feel great, so we’re motivated to keep doing it. And we’ve never had to really talk ourselves down and haven’t even considered stopping. We just complain to each other sometimes, but that’s the worst of it. And some days we don’t even think about food at all, so it’s not like all day every day is spent fighting cravings. It comes in waves, and it gets so fucking much easier after the first week. You sort of submit to it after that. You’re not trying to find ways to get out of it. You just accept that this is how it is for a minute.

The first week we were also hungry all.the.fucking.time. But that subsided, too. Most days we find ourselves drinking liquids in the morning and not even being hungry until 11 or so. We’re eating less and are satiated by less. And I’m sure our jump in energy has to do with the fact that we’re not spending the majority of our energy digesting complex foods all day.  

The hardest part has been the social aspect of it because we are so centered around food. So we’ve been conscious not to put ourselves in situations with loads of delicious food we can’t eat. So there’s that. And our friends are obviously cool and understand exactly why we’re doing this and are totally supportive. Which is way helpful.

What we’ve been eating

We start each day with a pint of celery juice each and a little bit later we have our normal morning coffee. 

And here’s the most common stuff we’ve been eating

  • Frozen banana ice cream
  • Kale chips
  • Raw taco salads
  • Kale salads
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit salads
  • Loads of whole fruit
  • Stir fried or roasted veggies
  • Gazpacho

It’s helpful to find the stuff that really does it for you - kale chips have been saving me, and also sparkling water + lemon + raw honey. Having something to satisfy your cravings is helpful. So if I’m craving salty, the kale chips do it for me, or a hash brown pattie. If I’m craving sour, I grab a homemade pickle. If I’m craving fat, a handful of cashews does it. If I’m craving savory - the raw taco salad is awesome. And for sweet, the banana ice cream works.

Next week we’re going to start reintroducing stuff….stay tuned! And consider reading this book! It's very strait forward and such important info. It will shake up what you think you know about food, and directly talks about things like alzheimers, lupus, candida, migraines, postpartum health, adrenal fatigue, depression, and so much more. Click here if you want to check it out. 

*UPDATE* A few weeks after we finished the diet we recorded a podcast reflecting on what we did (and didn't) get out of it. Have a listen here. 

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