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How I Afford Travel

I am by no means wealthy, not even close. My partner and I combined made less than $30,000 last year. Yet last year we spent 2 weeks in Hawai'i and 6 weeks in Europe. This year we are away for 12 weeks - spending 4 weeks in England, 4 weeks in Italy, and 4 weeks in Hungary. Here's how we do it without selling our souls (and all of our stuff)!

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What Gets YOU Out of Bed in the Morning?

But something was missing. That zing, that thing that gets you out of bed every morning – it wasn’t there. 

“This can’t be the reason I’m alive”,  I’d think to myself.

I longed to be one of those people that didn’t think of their job as “work”.

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5 Easy Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Only through trial, error, and lots of research have I learned what makes a decent blog post. The winning combo is:

great writing + visual details + marketing. 

The average person is only good at one of these things, which is why the majority of blogs out there don't gain any traction. Below I'll share the top 5 things I have learned that I know will help you on your journey as a blogger. 

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That One Time My Girlfriend And I Got Side-By-Side Erotic Massages In Budapest

Last summer, my girlfriend Katie and I stayed in Budapest, Hungary. While we were researching Hungarian society, we learned that sex work is legal and all sex workers are part of a union, are covered by state funded healthcare, receive regular checkups, testing, and other support from the government. Brothels or pimping is illegal, which allows all sex workers to remain in complete control of their situations and their money.

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How To Get To Europe On The Cheap (a mini travel guide)

Over the past few years we have made four trips to Europe and have researched the process extensively.  And it turns out that getting to Europe is actually pretty cheap.  Before I had ever traveled there, I always thought the idea of planning a trip was a little daunting.  I knew that lots of airlines flew to lots of different European cities, but how was I to know what was the best and cheapest way?

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How to Use Couchsurfing as a Traveler {A Guide + FAQs}

As a traveler, I had never heard of Couchsurfing until one summer I was planning a long, epic trip through Europe and couldn’t afford paying for a hotel or even a hostel for 87 straight days. Couchsurfing sounded way out there, and too good to be true – I can stay at a strangers house in the middle of Rome for free? And they won’t murder me? As it turns out – yes. Yes I could. And no – no they won’t.

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12 Tips for Creating a Spiritual Practice in Pregnancy

There is a consistent difference in the women who have a spiritual practice and the women who don’t. By “spiritual practice” I don’t necessarily mean meditation or yoga. And it's certainly helpful even if you're not pregnant. 

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Stop Hating On Vibrams!

I really don't understand what's with all the Vibram Five-Finger shoes haters.  When I first heard of the class-action lawsuit against them, I was totally surprised.  I don't know if I just live under a rock or what, but I had never even heard any of their so called health claims about their shoes until this news came about, and by that point I had already owned and loved three pairs of the shoes.  I just saw them at the store one day and thought they looked cool, so I bought a pair.

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A Beginner's Guide to Hosting Couchsurfers

One of the #1 benefits to being a Couchsurfing host is that it keeps your life fresh and in perspective. It breaks up your routine and provides opportunities for new connections and learning from the travelers that you host. It reminds you that people in the world are good. 

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6 Things Men Can Do To Not Suck At Relationships

Here is a quick list of things you can do as a man to be a good relationship partner.  From polarity to affection to basic respect - these are all things I wish someone would have hammered into my thick skull when I was 23 but instead it took me until I was about 35 to figure it out on my own.  So here's an opportunity to learn from someone else's mistakes!

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What Kind Of Computer Should I Buy? {plus the important differences between laptops vs tablets}

This is probably the most common thing that friends approach me with.  "I want to buy a new computer, what kind should I get?"  The funny thing is, this question was relevant maybe 10 years ago, but today the hardware is so universal and standardized that what's "under the hood" hardly matters anymore.

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14 Surprising Things + 12 Favorite Things After 3 Months In Europe

This summer I spent one month in 3 different European cities: London {England, Perugia {Italy}, and Budapest {Hungary}. For anyone who has traveled long-term you know: it was a roller coaster of emotions and I learned a fucking lot about myself. Here are some reflections....

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Five Reasons To Restore Your Foreskin {And why circumcision is bullsh*t}

I'm sure you 98% of you will read this title and think to yourself "...Um...What?!"  Especially if you're a red-blooded American male.  I personally fall right into this category myself.  I'm an American male, I was circumcised at birth, and the first time I heard the notion of foreskin restoration I thought it was some kind of joke.  Like, why would anyone want their damn foreskin restored, aren't they removed for a reason?  And also, what the fuck even is a foreskin really?  I mean, I've gone through my whole life with my circumcised penis and it works just fine.  

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Katie Gets Fucking Cranky in Italy {A glimpse into long-term travel life}

And just shut the fuck up before you say oh this is an opportunity to slow down or whatever the fuck. There are roughly 16 waking hours in any given day. I can only consciously chew my food or watch the sunset or meditate for so long. One month in a tiny hill town in Italy is way.too.long.

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Hygiene Products That Commercials Make You Think You Need {and toxic-free alternatives}

Two years ago I stopped using deodorant.  Or, I should say - I stopped using the kind that is full of chemicals and aluminum and comes in a stick they sell at any grocery store.  At first I was totally freaked out by the idea.  But in an ongoing effort to live a toxin-free lifestyle, I knew I wanted to try. This spilled over into lots of other useless personal hygiene products that were uneccessarily slowly poisoning me. 

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