14 Surprising Things + 12 Favorite Things After 3 Months In Europe

14 Surprising Things:

-An Italian "hill town" isn't romantic. It's literally a town built on a hill. Which means you are stuck on the hill, and going anywhere means going up and down extreme inclines.

-Going to Eden Hot Springs set my bar way high. The mineral baths in Budapest aren't all that. Yes, of course, the water has healing properties. But it's also a large luke warm pool full of chubby old people.

-Small towns, particularly "hill towns", do not have an awesome produce selection. Presumably because you can't grow anything on the side of a concrete hill, so everything has to be trucked up to the top.

-You do get tired of gelato. And pizza. And pasta.

-Because of this, we barely spent half of our budget.

-98% of people we encountered spoke English.

-Going out to eat gets old.

-I have no desire to try cocaine.

-Not having internet access will make you feel like someone has cut off your dominant hand.

-Not having access to your music and movies and other media makes you feel dead inside.

-A large component to eating healthy is having a properly equipped kitchen, it's not just about access to fresh food.

-Midwives in England don't do paps and aren't trained in well-woman care.

-I would have a child if it came out speaking British. There is nothing more heart melting than British accented children.

-The excitement of a new city wears off after about 5 days. So keeping yourself entertained for weeks on end without a social circle or proper artistic outlets is tough.

12 Favorite Things

-Kris' gourmet Italian birthday cake from the bakery in Perugia, Italy

-That 1,500 year old church at the top of Perugia

-The full moon rise in Perugia

-That Argentinian steak house

-The all you can eat/all you can drink Hungarian buffet

-Hever Castle and the inspired obsession with the Boleyn family and all of King Henry's wives

-Getting side by side happy ending massages

-Budapest Bagel

-The sunsets from the Margate coast in England

-Eating Indian food in 4 different countries (I still have yet to try it in the USofA)

-When my boyfriend spontaneously hugged me in the middle of a crowded Hungarian meat market

-That crazy multi-person lovers tryst in the piazza with the one guy crying and then later getting punched.

Unexpected Side Effects + What Have I Learned?

-A mattress purchased in the last decade is key. I will scrutinize future mattress in all long term rental prospects going forward.

-Natural light is important. I could never live anywhere without natural light. My house is Phoenix gets abundant natural light and I never realized how much that impacts our over all well being.

-Outdoor space at home is crucial, as is open green spaces nearby.

-Wifi in home is necessary for sanity.

-A well equipped kitchen is necessary for variety in healthy eating.

-I LOVE parking lots. And carports. And garages. They are so fucking convenient.

-Living somewhere that's walkable is awesome, but having the option to drive a car is even better.

-We are INSANELY lucky to have the variety of food and goods we have access to in the United States.

-I do not want to live in Europe. On paper it may seem better over here and you always see people posting articles on facebook with the caption "I should just move to Europe...." But that grass ain't necessarily greener folks, especially when it comes to stuff that affects your day to day reality.

-I am so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to have found this out. Most people don't. Knowing how I really feel is much better than having some life long fantasy about living in Europe.

-Making your dreams a reality, even if it means they end up squashed in the end, is the key to living in the present.

-We got our teeth cared for, which was not planned in advance at all. We saved thousands of dollars.

-Given all the free time we had, we ended up learning a shit ton about nutrition, healing cavities naturally, and leaky gut. We are super psyched to go home and put it all into play. 

-We are writers now. One side effect of being out of your home environment is no distractions and a blank slate in terms of your daily routine. Writing is ingrained in us now and I have no doubt will be a part of our days after we return.

-Even if you don't know what the fuck you're doing or why you're going - traveling outside of your comfort zone will shift things. It will answer the questions you didn't know to ask. 

-This travel/settle at home/travel cycle will never end. It's my curious nature and is just part of who I am. 

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