Reality Rehab: Your Road Map To A Life Of Freedom

Hey!  Is your life sucking right now?  Do you go to bed every night thinking "shit, I have to drag my ass out of bed in just 6 hours and go to a job that I hate all day tomorrow?"  Lemme guess, you're probably also overweight, out of shape, and don't have near as much money as you wish you did.  I'll bet your relationship sucks too, if you're even still in one.  It's probably also a safe guess that your doctor has you on all kinds of bullshit pills to help combat your self-induced misery. 

And then you come across this website where you have these two assholes talking about how they make less money than you, but spend months at a time traveling the world, looking all healthy, and just generally doing whatever they hell they want all day long.  I would probably resent us too.  Because you know what, we are total assholes.  And we don't really care at all what people think about us.  You shouldn't care what people think about you either, that's half your problem right there. 

But we're probably some of the nicest assholes you'll ever meet, because we also love helping people.  We love sharing our stories and ideas with others.  But we have zero tolerance for excuses and bullshit, and we'll be happy to smack you upside your head and tell you all the stupid things you're doing and how you can be more like us and less like you.  Sound good?  I thought so.  What you need is a complete paradigm shift, and we're here to give it to you.

So what can we help you with?  Well here's a small sampling of things that we've been working on for a long time, and have learned to do very well:

Work/Life Balance

No job is worth it if you have to sacrifice your health and well being in the process.  What good is a huge paycheck if you're too exhausted and stressed to enjoy it?  Your job should be something that inspires you, and enriches you, not depletes you.  It's possible.  People do it all the time.  Just not you. 

Living Healthy

When I say living healthy, I don't mean preaching the antiquated notion of cutting out fat and counting calories or any of that crap.  I mean truly getting down to the nitty gritty of why our nation's food system is completely corrupted and what you can do to REALLY get healthy, not just bullshit mainstream healthy.


I used to have a job where I made lots of money.  And I always dreamed of traveling to Europe.  But my stupid employer would only give me two weeks off, and my monthly overhead made it so I was pretty much broke all the time and couldn't travel even though I wanted to.  Now I work for myself, I make about half as much, and I travel the world about three months of the year on average.  Go figure.  It turns out everything I thought I knew about travel was wrong.  Damn that fucking mainstream media again for distorting my reality.


I used to be married, it didn't work out.  Now I'm in an amazing polyamorous relationship and my life couldn't be better.  I'm not saying you need to be poly, but I can give you some serious stuff to think about. 


I teach classes on human sexuality, and over this process I am regularly astounded at the huge lack of knowledge that most people have about this subject.  It's no wonder people have such weird and bad sex.  Prepare to have your mind blown.

All of these things are part of a healthy lifestyle.  And they can all be a part of your lifestyle.  It's actually easier than you think.  In fact, it's easier than the life you're living now.  But you can't just do one of these things, you need to do ALL of them.  You just need to know how to do it.  We didn't figure it out overnight.  Or even in a month or a year.  We have been building this lifestyle for 6 years now, and have learned tons along the way.  Now we want to help people do the same.  Plus you can learn from all our mistakes, so it should take you a fraction of the time.  So if your reality sucks - and I know it does - then come to us for Reality Rehab

Yes, that's right, we have a bad ass e-course that won't just change your life, it will completely blow it up and start it all over.  Because that's what you have to do.  That's what we did.  Not only is it possible, but we'll show you how.  The stuff listed above is just the tip of the iceberg.  And this won't be some bullshit 10,000 foot philosophical overview that doesn't actually show you how to do anything.  We're getting into the real nuts and bolts.  The step-by-step shit that is actually helpful. 

The course is live, right now, this minute.  As you are sitting here reading this very sentence, other people just like you are busy transforming their lives and becoming total rock stars.  The kinds of rock stars that quit their shitty mainstream jobs so they can travel the world and make money while they sleep.  So if you're one of those people that needs to read all the details and stuff first, click that Reality Rehab link above and get reading.  And if you're ready to quit dicking around and dive in head first, click here to just buy the sucker right now.  Your leap of faith will be handsomely rewarded.

If you're still kind of like - eh, fuck, shit, I don't know, ahhhhh. Then just calm the hell down and just read the course outline. You'll know if it's right for you.