Five Reasons To Restore Your Foreskin {And why circumcision is bullsh*t}

I'm sure 98% of you will read this title and think to yourself "...Um...What?!"  Especially if you're a red-blooded American male.  I personally fall right into this category myself.  I'm an American male, I was circumcised at birth in 1975, and the first time I heard the notion of foreskin restoration I thought it was some kind of joke.  Back then I thought, "Why would anyone want their damn foreskin restored, aren't they removed for a reason? And also, what the fuck even is a foreskin really?  I mean, I've gone through my whole life with my circumcised penis and it works "just fine".  

Well it turns out they were removed for a reason, in fact a few reasons.  You may have heard some of them: 

  • It's "cleaner" (whatever the fuck that even means)
  • It prevents HIV
  • It prevents UTI's
  • It prevents penile cancer, etc. 

But it turns out that all those "reasons" (religious motivations notwithstanding) ended up being complete bullshit and generations of American men (and their partners) got fucked by bad science.  And what do I mean by "bad science"?  Well, routine infant circumcision became a trend in the U.S. because in the early 1900's, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (the guy that invented corn flakes) used bad science to conclude that masturbation caused a whole host of illnesses ranging anywhere from a runny nose to brain cancer. 

So he thought "I'll just discourage them from masturbating by cutting off their foreskins as soon as they're born...Problem solved."  Riiiiiiight.  

Admittedly the newer justifications (HIV and cancer prevention, etc.) sound more reasonable, and they would be if they weren't also the product of bad science.  I could write a whole post on this alone, but you're going to just have to trust me here (or Google it for yourself -- this information is not hard to find).  And to make matters worse, there is still lots of (financially motivated) propaganda out there purporting that its a good thing to do, so us ignorant fucks just keep doing it because "it's what we've always done."  

Meanwhile, the other 75% of the the planet's male population goes through life with a whole penis just fine.  And you probably wouldn't know it if you've never traveled outside the U.S., but they even make fun of us weirdo Americans for chopping our baby's dicks up at birth for no good reason. So without further ado, I'm going to give you five good reasons why you should restore your foreskin...

Number 1: Because You Can

Yes ladies and gentleman, it is absolutely possible to restore your foreskin.  Thousands of men have been doing it for many years.  There are even special tools on the market that you can buy that make the process rather easy.  Furthermore, it's not invasive or painful, and it's guaranteed to work.  It just takes some time - often a year or more. It's not a quick fix as you are literally growing new skin.  But the way I Iook at it is: you're still going to be alive in a few years, and you're still going to be fucking in a few years, so how long it takes doesn't really matter.  Plus, it lasts the rest of your life.  And after you get done reading the rest of these reasons, you'll totally understand why you'd want to.

Number 2: No More Dry Sex

Does your penis get chafed after a marathon sex session?  Does your partner's vagina (or ass) hurt because things are so dry?  Are you always having to interrupt your sex session to dump on more lube/spit/oil?  Does your wife/girlfriend think her vagina doesn't work right because it doesn't generate enough lubricant?  Well guess what? None of this is "normal", and people with intact penises don't have this problem.  Did you know that America sells more sexual lubricant than all of Europe combined?  You know why that is?  Because of our mutilated dicks!  Yep, that's right.  

I'll try to explain this briefly and succinctly.  When a circumcised penis is on the out-stroke during intercourse, the big ridge (coronal ridge) around the head pretty much works like a big shovel, and it scoops out all the moisture, which then dries up when exposed to the open air.  After enough strokes, all the moisture is gone and more is needed.  No vagina can naturally create enough moisture on its own to overcompensate for this.  Conversely, when an intact penis is on the out-stroke during intercourse, the foreskin does two really cool things.  First, it bunches up around the opening of the vagina as a way of keeping in the moisture. Second, it also bunches up against the back of coronal ridge so that it can't act like a shovel.  Pretty cool huh? It's almost as if nature designed it that way.....

Number 3: No More Friction

This kind of goes hand in hand with #2, but it warrants its own entry.  Have you noticed during intercourse that it's mostly a lot of friction happening down there?  Does that seem "normal" to you?  I mean, if people were supposed to fuck, don't you think nature would have designed things to work a little smoother?  Well it turns out it was designed to work a little smoother, a lot smoother in fact.  But some asshole doctor thought you were too stupid to learn how to wash your penis like the other 75% of men on the planet, so he figured he'd just destroy your sexual functioning instead by amputating a perfectly functioning body part.  

When you are born, the foreskin is small, obviously.  But when you grow to an adult, the foreskin makes up nearly 1/2 the skin on your penis. The skin that is removed during routine infant circumcision is equivalent to a piece of skin the size of a dollar bill in an adult male. I mean, look at your penis now, and imagine if you had twice as much skin on that thing.  You know what all that additional skin is good for?  Its good for making your penis slide and glide within itself.  Its literally like having a built-in jerkoff sleeve.  It works just like a linear bearing.  How awesome is that!  Way to go nature.  Now imagine you're making sweet monkey-love with your partner with a penis with twice as much skin, and your penis is sliding and gliding inside of its own little sleeve.  You know what's absent from that equation?  Yep, FRICTION.    

Number 4: Restored Sensitivity

If you're like me, you're starting to enter into the years known as middle-age.  Or maybe you're already well past that.  If so then I bet you can relate to what I'm about to say here. When you were 18, it probably only took you like two minutes (or less) of straight fucking before you blew your load all over the place.  But over the years, that two minutes turned into 20, or 30, or even more.  Now you younguns might be like "Uh, what the fuck is the problem? Isn't that a good thing?"  Well, perhaps in some ways, but mostly no.  It would be a good thing if the reason wasn't because you've lost a bunch of sensitivity in your penis.  And it would be a good thing if you could also mix in a two-minute quickie every now and then.

What I'm getting at here, is that the head of your penis is actually an internal organ.  I mean, look at any mammal out there.  You don't see dogs or cats running around with the head of their penis exposed 24/7.  Human males were designed that way too.  The foreskin works pretty much just like an eyelid (can you imagine how dry your eyes would be without your eyelid??)  It covers the head of the penis at all times, keeping it moist and supple and pink and healthy.  When you're intact, the head of the penis actually self-lubricates just like a vagina thus complimenting the natural lubricant that she creates.  But when you cut off the foreskin, it's essentially like cutting off an eyelid. Imagine what would happen if you did that.  The shit would dry out just like the head of your circumcised penis did.  And as a way to protect itself from getting extremely irritated from being exposed all the time now, it callouses over.  No I don't mean a big thick callous like the kind you get on the bottom of your feet, but a callous just the same.  And the older you get, the thicker the skin gets, and the less sensitivity you have. 

One time I saw a photo of two penises side by side, one was circumcised and one wasn't.  The head on the circumcised penis looked all raggedy and wrinkly, while the intact penis was healthy and happy.  Then the presenter told me that the circumcised penis was from a 20 year old, and the whole penis was from a 70 year old. My fucking jaw hit the floor.

The good news here is that this can be reversed.  If you restore your foreskin to the point where it covers the head of your penis all day every day, then eventually after some months the callous will wear off and the sensitivity will return.  How cool is that?!

Number 5: Foreign Women Will Want to Have Sex With You

In America we can get away with picking up women with our mutilated penises because they don't usually know any better, and they really don't have much choice.  But any foreign woman is accustomed to properly functioning sex organs and will wonder what the fuck is going on straight away.  I mean, you might be able to manage a hook-up, or a one-nighter with a hot Italian woman here and there.  But no woman, foreign or otherwise, is going to settle for your mutilated dick when she fully knows what she's missing.  We circumcised men may be the majority in the U.S.  But once we leave the country we are just mutilated freaks in most of the rest of the world.  I have actually spoken to European women about this, and they say sex with Americans is weird because their dicks don't work right and the women don't know what to do with them.  Ok, ok, I'll admit that I'm making a broad generalization here.  But there is definitely some truth to it.  

Despite this, there is good news. 

When you restore your foreskin, its nearly impossible to tell the difference between a penis that was intact from birth and one that was restored.  So if at this point I have your attention and you want to know more, there is help.  I am personally restoring my foreskin.  I have been doing it for over two years.  I am not done, in fact I still have a long way to go.  But even with the amount that I have restored, I have experienced a substantial improvement in sexual function.  And I have kept a blog along the way that I want to share with you:

I haven't added to it much in the past year because there isn't much to add, but I updated it regularly for many months and offer tons of insight into the process.  If you are new to it, I recommend you go to the archive section and start at the very beginning and read from there.  Starting from the most recent post and working back won't be nearly as helpful. 

I highly recommend doing this for yourself.  Its definitely one of the greatest things I have ever done.

And lastly I just want to touch on the idea that I know a lot of you guys out there might be sensitive about this subject.  Maybe you feel like you were robbed of something important as a child.  And if you didn't already feel that way, maybe you do now.  Or maybe after reading this you now feel inferior or self-conscious about your manhood.  Or maybe you feel like this is something you want to look into, but you feel embarrassed about it, or you think your significant other might not be into it.  Well I say fuck all that.  You can either sit around and mope like an asshole, or you can take life by the horns and grow your fucking dick back.  Take back what was once yours!  And be vocal about it.  Create awareness and encourage others.  Your woman will support you, even if she doesn't at first, she will once she knows what she's missing.  And for God's sake, STOP CIRCUMCISING BABY BOYS! Talk to your friends about it, have the awkward conversation. Be the change. 

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