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How I Afford Travel

I am by no means wealthy, not even close. My partner and I combined made less than $30,000 last year. Yet last year we spent 2 weeks in Hawai'i and 6 weeks in Europe. This year we are away for 12 weeks - spending 4 weeks in England, 4 weeks in Italy, and 4 weeks in Hungary. Here's how we do it without selling our souls (and all of our stuff)!

What Happened When Eating Organic Whole Foods Wasn't Working For Me

Inspired after reading Medical Medium, we realized we needed to reset our relationship with food - even though we were eating healthy. Organic, whole, local, seasonal foods made up our diet. But still, we were missing something.

So - we’re doing this protocol for 28 days and then we’re going to slowly reintroduce different foods. We've also been doing colon hydrotherapy, and BodyTalk which has been incredibly supportive and helpful. 

Reality Rehab: Your Road Map To A Life Of Freedom

Hey!  Is your life sucking right now?  Do you go to bed every night thinking "shit, I have to drag my ass out of bed in just 6 hours and go to a job that I hate all day tomorrow?"  Lemme guess, you're probably also overweight, out of shape, and don't have near as much money as you wish you did.  I'll bet your relationship sucks too, if you're even still in one.  It's probably also a safe guess that your doctor has you on all kinds of bullshit pills to help combat your self-induced misery. 

12 Obvious Reasons Why The Obesity Rate Is Rising

So this morning as I was reading the news, I came upon an article that was talking about how the nation’s obesity rates are rising, which of course was no surprise to me.  But in the article was a very disturbing sentence that read “Experts said they had no explanation for why the obesity rate appears to be rising.”  This really set me off.  How can “experts” really have no idea.  What are they even experts of then?  Because it took me all of about 2 minutes to easily come up with 12 very reasonable ideas as to why the obesity rate is rising, and I’m certainly no expert.  It just takes a little common sense.  So I decided to write out these 12 reasons, in hopes that maybe some experts will read this and learn a thing or two.  

Stop Hating On Vibrams!

I really don't understand what's with all the Vibram Five-Finger shoes haters.  When I first heard of the class-action lawsuit against them, I was totally surprised.  I don't know if I just live under a rock or what, but I had never even heard any of their so called health claims about their shoes until this news came about, and by that point I had already owned and loved three pairs of the shoes.  I just saw them at the store one day and thought they looked cool, so I bought a pair.

Hygiene Products That Commercials Make You Think You Need {and toxic-free alternatives}

Two years ago I stopped using deodorant.  Or, I should say - I stopped using the kind that is full of chemicals and aluminum and comes in a stick they sell at any grocery store.  At first I was totally freaked out by the idea.  But in an ongoing effort to live a toxin-free lifestyle, I knew I wanted to try. This spilled over into lots of other useless personal hygiene products that were uneccessarily slowly poisoning me.