6 Common Website Mistakes that Make me Cringe

6 Website Mistakes that Make me Cringe | CockandCrow.com

In this day and age anyone can make their own website. The information is at your fingertips and there are templates galore. Yet there is still a level of common sense that seems to elude most people. It's all very basic and every time I see a site with (or without) these particularly things, I want to immediately fix them:

No Obvious Contact Information

If I have to search around for your phone number or email – that is no good. Your contact info should be easy to find either in your obvious “about me/contact me” heading, or in the footer of each page on your site.

Generic Email & Web Address

C'mon peeps - a custom domain is $20 a year. An email at that custom domain will run you about $50 a year. Get rid of your dot wordpress.com and your hotmail email address. It is a very inexpensive upgrade that will more than pay for itself in presenting a professional image. 

Terrible Photos

I get that you think that picture of your dog is adorable, or the poorly lit photo of your baby is cute, but other people don’t. If you don’t have a friend that can take you to the park on a bright sunny day and snap a few photos, then hire a professional. If you’re in need of other visual content for your website – make sure you are using high quality stock photos.

Boring Content

If you’re a crap writer – just own it and don’t try to write the copy for your website. It will become immediately apparent and nobody is going to dig through shitty content to find the gem of a person hiding behind it. They’re just going to close your site and go somewhere else.

Broken Links

This is a big one – especially if they’re linking within your own site. If you have a resource page or other spot on your site where you share outside links – check them regularly and keep them updated.

An Obviously Homemade Website

In this day and age there are lots of tools to help you make your own website. Most people can get away with doing this and have no problems at all. However, if you have no design sense it will still be quite apparent that it’s a DIY site and conversely will turn people off. It’s better to have no website than a crap website. If you can’t afford a web designer – just stick to maintaining your social media pages. That will serve you much better than directing people to a lame website that doesn’t represent who you are.

*BONUS TIP* Include a blog on your website! It is a great way to drive traffic to your website and expose people to all of your offerings. Check out "5 Easy Tips for Beginner Bloggers"

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