Kris' Story


Five years ago I quit my high-paying yet stressful job so that I could explore my passions in life and figure out how to make money doing something that I love. 

I blog about everything, write books, design websites, travel, and help people break out of the mainstream box that is our society. I believe that worrying about what other people think is the worst thing a person can do, and that if we all could just express what is truly in our hearts and minds then the world would be such a better place. 

Here are some things I am currently working on:

  • An e-course on how to live a life of freedom
  • A book on relationships
  • Podcasts about sexuality, relationships, healthy lifestyle, and exploring the world on a budget
  • Forming an 80s metal band (not the glam kind) and expressing myself through music

Here are three of the most terrifying and challenging things I have ever done:

  • Spent a week alone in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, forced to be present with only my thoughts
  • Walked 26 miles in one day 
  • Showed my penis to rooms full of strangers so that they could understand how foreskin restoration works

Useless trivia:

I was born and raised in Anchorage, AK and when I was 20 years old I moved to Phoenix, AZ and have been there ever since. I lived a typical life, went to school, had a corporate job, started my own business, got married, all that junk. Then a few years ago I realized that chasing the American Dream had left me unhealthy, miserable and depressed. So I decided to leap way outside my comfort zone and start living the life I had always wanted. And just like everyone else who has ever done this, it has been the best decision I have ever made. Now my focus is on maintaining freedom and mobility and creating space for the next big opportunity I encounter. 

Katie's Story


Once upon a time I was married, had a corporate job and lived a typical American life. Then bam! I had a powerful dream that prompted me to dive into birth work professionally and crumble all elements of my disconnected mainstream life. 

Shortly after, I got divorced, traveled Europe solo, returned home, and fell in love with my best friend (Kris!) of many years. 

First came my birth business: 2 Doulas on a Mission, and my obsession with placentas, which evolved to be: DIY Placenta Art + Encapsulation

Not too long after that came The Real Food Club, which is a result of Kris and I becoming fascinated with the mainstream food system, what we could do to get out of it and live healthier, and how we could offer our food stuffs to other people. 

Web design has become another creative outlet. It took me many, many months to get my own website to the point where I felt like it was a true, clear expression of what I had to offer. Once I reached that point, I felt such a huge weight lifted that I wanted to help others get to the heart of their business and express their vision clearly with an original, unique website. 

In 2015, a dear friend of mine had a photo of herself and her baby, taken 3 days after birth, go "viral". I watched the comments flood in on her photo from other mothers sharing their postpartum experiences and, being a writer and lover of documenting all the things, I knew these stories needed a place to go and I started the website: Postpartum Confession

And now, here at Cock and Crow, I blog, podcast, write e-books, and generally overshare. I also co-created a badass e-course: Reality Rehab - Your Road Map to a Life of Freedom.

You can often find me: eating mayonnaise out of the jar. Soaking in a bath in the middle of the day. Making some sort of list. Binge drinking Earl Grey. Reading Savage Love

The story of
The Cock and Crow.....

Our work has always overlapped: authoring books together, recording podcasts as a duo, blogging about complimentary subjects, etc. and one day we realized we were basically posting the same content on each of our individual sites. So we decided to combine forces and collaborate together. The name Cock & Crow came as a suggestion from a friend and seemed fitting: Kris being the Cock since he is the master of backyard chickens and is restoring his foreskin, Katie being the Crow since she's always on about something. The similar sounds to both of our first names helped, too. There you have it. This is our home on the interwebs. 

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