Our bodies must work pretty well, or there wouldn’t be so many humans on the planet.
— Ina May Gaskin

Hi mamas! I am Katie DiBenedetto, owner of 2 Doulas on a Mission. My mission, if you will allow me, is to pamper the shit out of you - I want to make you delicious warming foods, draw you a gorgeous ceremonial postpartum bath, wrap your beautiful postpartum belly, and rub your feet while you and your babe navigate nursing. I believe there is nary a crisis that can't be solved with a good orgasm, a rockin' massage, and a fresh green juice. My style is based on the belief that women possess all of the knowledge and wisdom they will ever need - I am here to simply encourage and guide you towards activating your primal, intuitive all-knowing. Women are powerful creators - a capability that should be celebrated and revered, versus quieted and feared. 

Make Contact: 480.343.9215, katie@2doulasonamission.com


How I Can Serve You

2 Doulas on a Mission

2 Doulas on a Mission is a globally reaching community-centered hub that acts as a base for women to connect and find the information, services, and resources they need related to pregnancy, birth, and women's health in general. Locally - in Phoenix, AZ - I provide doula care, craft placentas, and nourish families with healthy food. Globally I coordinate referrals, connect women to the services and providers they need, put out blogs and podcasts, and always strive to expand my social networking reach. 

My work with women and families is ever evolving – always shifting and reshaping as a result of personal growth, and a deep desire to serve women in the highest capacity.

Transparency is the name of the game here. I am not attached to getting/keeping you as a client, rather my focus is on seeing you as a sister and getting you the information and services that you want and deserve. This could be anything from finding you the perfect doula to giving you the low down on different valley hospitals to pointing you towards research about VBAC to connecting you with a great online community for breastfeeding support. 

Just ask! I'm here to help. 480-343-9215 katie@2doulasonamission.com

Work With Me

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Presuming we have a great connection, I attend nearly all home births and *some* birth center births (they're not all created equal). I attend hospital births on the rare occasion that there is a legitimate medical reason necessitating that location choice. I do not attend hospital births where the location is chosen out of fear, which is usually disguised using one of these common excuses:

  • It's my first baby
  • My husband/partner isn't comfortable with a home birth
  • My insurance will only cover a hospital birth
  • I live in an apartment/with other people/insert-other-reason-here
  •  My family would think I'm nuts
  • With my last birth, if I hadn't been in the hospital, I would've died (rarely is this actually true)

I share all of this with you up front to let you know that I am not a chameleon doula. I have been doing this work for a long time and I know a lot about women's health and the birth process - that's why you're hiring me - for my expertise and experience. If you want a doula that will smile politely, pet your hair, and enable your fear based decisions - that's not me. I care fiercely for the women I support and I do not subscribe to the passive "it's not my baby, it's not my birth" doula philosophy. I'm going to challenge you, protect your birth wishes, love the crap out of you, and make sure that you know all of your options at all times. 




Love Letters

“I met with Katie early in my pregnancy to learn more about placenta encapsulation. She was kind and sympathetic over lunch, as I shared the struggles of my first post-partum experience with her. She answered all of my questions about placenta encapsulation and shared positive testimony from other women. Katie came to the hospital after I delivered our son to pick up my placenta and two days later brought the finished product (I chose capsules and a tincture) to our home, making the process enitrely seamless for me. I remember thinking what a blessing that I did not have to think about the “logistics” of this in the first hours and days after my son was born. I am now four months post-partum and still taking my placenta capsules. I am now a firm believer in the power of ingesting my placenta. Although the first months have been challenging, I have felt more balanced and resilient than I did after the birth of our daughter. Also, I make a LOT of milk (there have been some studies linking placenta ingestion and increased milk supply). When our post-partum doula went out of town, Katie happily filled in for a few nights. She gracefully filled the shoes of our regular doula, moving quiety through our home in the wee hours of the night. I trusted that Katie would lovingly care for our newborn so I could get some much needed rest, and she did. I would recommend Katie to anyone considering placenta encapsulation or a post-partum doula; and I can’t imagine a post-partum experience without either!”

Jennie, March 2015

“Katie has been wonderful to me! She is one of those people who you feel like you have known forever even if you met her just yesterday. She encapsulated my placenta for me very quickly, she let me in on the breast feeding cafe that she is a part of (which was wonderful for me in my first few weeks), listened and given me great ideas, and in general is just a wealth of information! She is one person who I can really bounce ideas off of and not feel judged which is wonderful! I feel like Katie really has a passion for what she does and the people she helps. I would recommend Katie to anyone and everyone! She really seems to know her stuff and has her heart in the right spot.”

Mary, March 2015

“I was lucky enough to have found Katie through a mutual acquaintance and am so thankful for it!! I was about 30 weeks pregnant with my third child (my other two are 3 years old and 13 months old) and my husband is deployed so, I had my hands full!! Katie is a warm soul and I felt comfortable with her the moment I shook her hand. We discussed her variety of services as well as the details of placenta medicine (which is what intrigued me to contact her in the first place). She explained all the benefits and the process (which was very simple) and I was sold! The week I delivered she came to the house and spent the day cooking a freezer full of meals for me which was such a blessing (and I am still working on those meals!). Everything was delicious and healthy and even my kids love it!! A few days after I gave birth, my placenta pills were in my possession. Katie picked up the placenta and got the pills to me, without me having to worry about or do a thing. She was a great find and I tell everyone about her.”

Jessica, January 2015

“I couldn’t possibly have been happier that I chose Katie to care for my placenta. Her energy was most welcome into our birthing and postpartum space. It was a pleasure to meet her and I knew I could entrust her with something so precious to me. I was happy to see her again when she came back to share her lovely work with us. She presented everything so beautifully. We had opted for capsules, tincture, and a tree of life print. I was so impressed by the art of all she had made, including a sweet heart-shaped umbilical cord keepsake. Her obvious love for her work is inspiring. How fortunate I was to have found her!”

Kerri, August 2014

“My experience with Katie was wonderful! She is professional, kind and caring and provides a wide array of awesome services. I had my placenta encapsulated through her service and am so happy with the results. She made me a beautiful print of my placenta, which was a work of art. I would highly recommend Katie and am very appreciative of her time and the great services she provides! (placenta print + encapsulation + cord keepsake)”

Alison, June 2014

“When i first heard about placenta encapsulation and all of the benefits i knew i had to have it done. i had already started feeling a little blue, i knew that i would need a little help after my baby was born. i contacted katie and asked about encapsulation and i knew after talking to her we were a good match. after i had my son we dropped my placenta off to her and a couple of days later i received my package in the mail. i opened it and got the sweetest surprise, she had included my umbilical cord and placenta print. i honestly cried, it was so sweet. i would, and have recommended her to everyone i know. thank you katie!”

Sandhal,  June 2013

“I received my (placenta) package and was astonished. You did such excellent and beautiful work. Thank you so much for the gift you were able to give me. I am so touched, beyond words. I very much appreciate you, thank you! ♥ (placenta print + encapsulation + cord keepsake + preserved membranes)”

Crystal, May 2013

“I can not say enough praise about these two ladies who have touched our lives and helped guide my wife and I though one of the most important chapters of our lives. They are such amazing providers and I highly recommend 2 On a Mission for your birthing journey needs. They deliver and then some. (we provided birth doula services + placenta prints, encapsulation, and cord keepsake)”

Scott, January 2013